Friday, March 2, 2018

Spring KidBox Coupon Code

It's that time again-- KIDBOX!! I opted for the "City Cool" style to get some trendy pieces to mix and match with Carter's other clothes. It did not disappoint!
KidBox Coupon Code

KidBox Coupon Code

KidBox Coupon Code

KidBox Coupon Code

As always, it was a great deal at about $8.50 per piece! We did have to exchange the pants because they were just a little too big to grow into, but with free exchanges it wasn't a problem. You just fill out the swap online, drop the old ones in the pre-paid mailer, and get news ones at your door in a few days. So easy!
KidBox Coupon Code

If you'd like to try KidBox for your little ones, it's totally free! You only pay for anything you decide to keep, with $0 styling or ship fees. If you use my referral link, you'll also get $25 off your first $98 box.

Other details if you're considering signing up: 

  • Kid sizes through 14 typically receive 6-7 pieces on average per box. 
  • You get 5 boxes a year (back to school, fall, holiday, spring, summer). If you want additional boxes, you can do that too! 
  • Similar to Stitch Fix, you complete a style profile with your personal likes/dislikes in terms of style, fit, colors, etc. You can update this for every box to freshen it up. 
  • Cancel at anytime, or send the whole box back if you want. There isn't a styling fee. 
  • You have 7 days to try everything on at home and then send what you don't want back in a prepaid envelope. 
  • You aren't charged until you decide what to keep. I love the feature! 
  • When you keep the whole box, you can select a charity to donate clothing to directly from KidBox.

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