Friday, March 9, 2018

Splash into Spring Style

After sharing about KidBox last week, I have another favorite Friday find for you... StyleBox! There's just something about a subscription box that gets me every time. Maybe it's the guaranteed "happy mail" in the box month after month. Maybe it's that there is NO commitment so I can skip or cancel at any time. Maybe it's the discount, I am a sucker for a deal after all. But whatever it is, StyleBox shows up at my house the first week of every month and I l-o-v-e it!

If you aren't familiar with StyleBox, it's a beauty box packed with your personalized mix of nail wraps, lacquer, gel, and/or skin care. The best part is that YOU can customize your box exactly how you want it. And starting at just $25, it doesn't break the bank.
April StyleBox with beach inspired nail art

Each month you select at least 2 of the 6 monthly styles. Here's a closer look at the April ones.

After adding two of those to your box, you can also add on other extras (or not!). For example, you can mix and match your selected styles with some coordinating gel or lacquer. I personally think this month's would look great with hot pink, like Flamingo gel or Kiss lacquer.

Then since we're thinking sandal weather, why not top off your box with a rich peppermint foot creme. It's okay to be a little indulgent, right??
So much good stuff, free shipping on all of it, and a brand new set of options each month? This one easily makes my Favorite Friday list month after month! If you decide you need to get StyleBox on your favorites list too, you can subscribe on my website here. Be sure to let me know if you're a first time subscriber, I'd love to send you a welcome gift after your first box ships!

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