Thursday, March 8, 2018

Carter Turns Two

Two years. Two.Whole.Years. I've said it before, but the days can be so long and then I blink and the year is over. Here are my favorites from his 2 year birthday shoot.

I also updated the traditional picture with his whale. He was super cooperative, obviously. I ended up having to give him the nice camera to hold and snapped this with my iPhone.

I took a new picture of him in his rocking chair too. Amazing what a difference one year makes!

We also surprised him in the morning for his birthday. He looks like something straight out of "Up" from Disney. ha!

What's new at 24 months:
-He loves to help me in the kitchen. Mixing, cutting, scooping, sorting all of the containers... he loves it all.
-He helps just as much around the house. He washes windows, mops, dusts, vacuums, etc. with joy. I am sure this won't last, but I'm taking all the help I can get.
-Lily and Gracie continue to be his best friends. He lets them in and out, gives them their snacks, and even helped Ryan wash them in the tub last week.
-We continue to explore together. He loves the Air Force museum more and more each time we go. We went to Newport Aquarium for his birthday and he happily explored the whole place. He even crossed the Shark Bridge for the first time. No fear! And Boonshoft is one of our regular outings. He loves all the imaginary play!
-I hear about trucks, trains, cars, and planes all day long. If we can catch the garbage truck, he's in heaven.
-He's regularly speaking in 4-5 word sentences. I love that he can ask me for what he wants now. Usually. ;)
-We had a warm snap of weather two weeks ago and I could NOT keep him inside. I am guessing we will pretty much live outside this spring.
-We went rollerskating for his birthday and he did a great job! I was surprised, but he went around and around with the skate mate and would keep up with us when we were running.

Favorite pictures since my last update:

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