Monday, January 29, 2018

Easy Valentine Craft for Toddlers

We've kept up our tradition of making handprint/footprint art for each holiday with Carter, and I think our Valentine one this year is my favorite one so far! The best part? It is super easy!

toddler footprint Valentine heart craft art

You'll need:
-plastic bags
-paint (we used acrylic)
-ink pad
-glue dots (or glue, tape, etc)
-optional printable

Step One:
Put a few drops of paint on the cardstock and then gently slide it into a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Be sure to seal the bag!

Step Two:
Let your little artist go to work! Carter loved swirling the paint around. He even rode his little trucks and buses over his project a few times. The best part? No mess!
toddler footprint Valentine heart craft art

Step Three:
Immediately remove the cardstock from the bag. You can cut down the side of the bags and gently lift up the plastic, which is easier than sliding it out. Let these draw all the way.
toddler footprint Valentine heart craft art

Step Four:
Once the art is completely dry, cut out heart shapes. I like to get a mix of patterns, swirls, colors, and white space.
toddler footprint Valentine heart craft art

Step Five:
I opted to print the design instead of writing it by hand, but either is cute. When Carter gets older, I'll have him write things like this himself. You can download my free printable if you'd like it. Carefully use an ink pad to stamp your toddler's footprint onto the paper. Then attach the painted hearts. I used glue dots, but anything would work here.
toddler footprint Valentine heart craft art

That's it! You end up with a thoughtful and cute Valentine's Day keepsake with very little mess, my favorite part!

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