Saturday, December 9, 2017

Winter KidBox Coupon Code and Review

Carter's winter KidBox came in last week and it was another keeper. I did a video unboxing on Facebook this time and let him open it. I love surprises, so it's always fun to see what he gets!

Once again, it was another great deal too. Carter received 10 pieces for $98! They were valued at almost $300 and I didn't have to leave my house to get them. That's a double win in my book. ;) The shirts are super cute, especially the one with elbow patches, but the Diesel outfit is my favorite. 

The Andy+Evan pants were a little snug, so we exchanged them for a 3T. The exchange process was super easy. I dropped the small pants in the mail in their pre-paid mailer and received the larger ones in less than a week, no charge.

If you'd like to try KidBox for your little ones, it's totally free! You only pay for anything you decide to keep, with $0 styling or ship fees. If you use my referral link, you'll also get $25 off your first $98 box.

Other details if you're considering signing up: 

  • Kid sizes through 14 typically receive 6-7 pieces on average per box. 
  • You get 5 boxes a year (back to school, fall, holiday, spring, summer). If you want additional boxes, you can do that too! 
  • Similar to Stitch Fix, you complete a style profile with your personal likes/dislikes in terms of style, fit, colors, etc. You can update this for every box to freshen it up. 
  • Cancel at anytime, or send the whole box back if you want. There isn't a styling fee. 
  • You have 7 days to try everything on at home and then send what you don't want back in a prepaid envelope. 
  • You aren't charged until you decide what to keep. I love the feature! 
  • When you keep the whole box, you can select a charity to donate clothing to directly from KidBox.

Friday, December 8, 2017

19-20-21 Months

What's new at 19 months:
-Carter's vocabulary is exploding! We have roughly 35 words and are starting to work on some phrases. It's definitely getting easier for him to tell me what he wants.
-He is obsessed with MegaBloks, especially his Thomas the Train sets. 
-We started going to Storyhour at the library. He can regularly play with one thing for 45 minutes to an hour, so I thought we'd try the 30 minute class. He does pretty good! He usually participates perfectly for the first 20-25 minutes and then gets a little antsy at the very end. 
-He still loves to sing. Head/Shoulders/Knees/Toes, The Grand Old Duke of York, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Teddy Bear Teddy Bear are all favorites.
-Sesame Street is enchanting. We don't watch it every day, but he'll bring me the remote and say "Street, Street" while pointing at the TV. All the colors and little voices have him mesmerized. 
-He continues to be my helper boy. Wiping the table, picking up toys, carrying in the mail, closing all the doors/gates, putting pillows on the bed... he makes chores so much easier. ;) 
-I notice him playing more with other kids at playdates, the gym, storyhour, and family gatherings. He loved hanging out with his 5 year old cousin while visiting my parents. 
-Carter's finally seemed to slow down his growth. He is holding steady at 30 pounds, 34", and 16 teeth. I've been able to recycle some of his bigger spring clothes this fall. 
-We are finally starting to get ahead of his night terrors. I ordered the Lully Sleep Guardian 2 and we've been using it for almost 3 weeks now. The severity of his night terrors have decreased dramatically. What I would have classified as 3 or 4 on a 5-point scale have all been reduced to 1s. He is still waking up at night about 50% of the time, but he is quickly back asleep in a minute or so instead of the 10-15 minute screamfests we were having before. Some of those haven't been actual night terrors either, just regular wake-ups. I am hopeful we will have them stopped altogether with a few more weeks of the system. If you are struggling with night terrors, it's worth taking a look!

What's new at 20 months:
-Oh my gosh, I have a tiny human on my hands! Carter's language is amazing and he is able to communicate so many of his wants and needs. It's amazing!
-He graduated up to the next level class at The Little Gym, so he's working on following directions, taking turns, and more complicated physical skills. I love seeing him grow!
-Physically, he's holding pretty steady. He's almost 30.5 pounds, wearing mostly 2T, and 34.5" tall. 
-We've worked on his manners and it's so cute to hear him say "please" and "thank you" appropriately. I'm still working on "you're welcome" with him. 
-He continues to love Sesame Street, books, and recently has picked up some Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood when Mommy needs a break from the "beat" "beat" as he calls Sesame Street. ;)
-Carter loves to count! He will say "1, 2, 3, GO!" before just about anything. He also loves being tickled and tickling you back.

-He's obsessed with shoes and will bring me socks, slippers, and shoes to put on him while repeatedly asking for "shoes? shoes?" ha!
-He's also a climbing machine. He will push kitchen chairs over to reach light switches, move his race car over to the baby gate in an attempt to scale it, etc. He has no fear!!

What's new at 21 months:
-We have a chatter box on our hands, folks. It's so fun that he can tell us what he wants most of the time. He still does a fair amount of nonsense though.
-Thanksgiving was so fun! Carter loved the cranberries and ate a good deal of potatoes and turkey too. He even ate green beans, which momma won't touch. ;) 
-We're still going to The Little Gym and Storyhour at the library. He is starting to sing the songs unprompted randomly at home on his own. It's so cute!
-Carter went to see Santa and they had a great conversation. It was so cute!! He was motioning with his arms and everything to tell Santa what he wanted.

-He is obsessed with cars, trucks, trains, wheels, and buttons. Christmas is going to be so fun this year! {Speaking of Christmas if you're looking for book and toy ideas for your toddlers, here are Carter-approved items that we actually have.}
-He also helped us cut down our Christmas tree. He was in charge of the measuring tape and took his job very seriously. So far, he's done a great job of just looking at it now that's decorated. He's also super proud of his stocking. He will point at it and pose in front of it for me to take his picture.
-He loves to help me with the mail. He takes envelopes out and puts them in the mailbox for me and then carries the boxes in too. 
-He found my old digital camera last week and ran around the house saying "cheese" or "click" while taking pictures. He actually got a couple really great shots!
-Sesame Street, Thomas the Train, and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood are all in rotation now. We still don't do a lot of TV, but if he gets his choice it is also "beats" with Cookie Monster.
-After holding steady around 30 pounds for months, he jumped up to 31.8lbs this month! I can definitely tell by the way his clothes fit. His 24 months are tight, but he's still solid in 2T.

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the last 3 months. You can follow us daily on Instagram.