Friday, September 8, 2017

16-17-18 Months

What's new at 16 months:
-Carter is mostly in 24 month clothes, or a few 18 months that are stretchy. He weighs 28.6 pounds and is all muscle. ;)
-Carter is teething, again. His canines are just starting to pop through on the top and bottom. That will put him at 16 teeth before long.
-Climbing has reached a whole new level. He is such a problem solver! He will scoot his chair around and use it to climb up on stuff. I caught him trying to scale the baby gate with it this week.
-We finally had to lock the top drawers in the kitchen. He brought me a butterknife and that was the final push for daddy to get busy on those locks!
-Food continues to be a big hit, though our sit down restaurant days are definitely numbered. He enjoys stirring drinks with straws, fishing for ice or lemons, and dipping his own chips (repeatedly) in the queso. He's also learned to blow on his food to cool it off, which is super cute because he does it to everything.
-Favorites continue to be buttons, peekaboo, his slide in the basement, Lily, bubbles, books, the water hose, flashlights, and Boonshoft Museum.
-I've started to let him watch Sesame Street a few times a week. He is mesmerized! He also caught an episode of Thomas the Train one Saturday morning and thought it was pretty cool too.
-Speaking English continues to be far down on his list of interests. He talks all.the.time but I have no idea what he's saying. I still get "no" loud and clear though, ha! Buttons and bubbles still sound the same, though he points at them separately. He's also starting to work on "down" when he wants out of his chair.
-His high five game is strong.
-Carter continues to be my sidekick. He enjoys folding laundry, letting the dogs out, getting the mail, and working on my computer.

What's new at 17 months:
-Carter is pushing the upper limits of his 24 month clothes. I have no idea how this has happened. He had a growth spurt and I swear he looked taller overnight.
-He is a little songbird. I hear the tune for the first half of the alphabet a lot, and he loves The Itsy Bitsy Spider too.
-Building is a big hit. He stacks his blocks up into tall towers and then adds puzzle pieces on top when he runs out.
-Carter is still in love with water. The garden hose, sprinkler, water table, pool, bathtub, washing his hands in the sink... all of it!
-He is so fast! His sprinting game is strong.
-Climbing continues to be a thrill as well. He has figured out how to get up on our kitchen island chairs, goes down the stairs while holding my hand now, and miiiight have fallen off the back of the couch once too.
-He is such a big helper. He mocks just about everything we do! He helps Ryan in the yard, uses tools like a champ when putting together patio furniture, loads the dishwasher happily, and takes clothes out of the dryer.
-He's still working on words. I feel like his language has really exploded this month. I hear "hi" and "bye" along with "uh-oh" a lot during the day. He still says "down" sometimes when he means up, but knows what it means. Whether it's the highchair, shopping cart, his toddler chair while I shower, or even sometimes his carseat he tells me "dow? dow?" when he wants out. ha! He also also started counting. We play "1, 2, 3... tickle!" a lot and he has started holding his little finger up and saying "ooonnneee" "twooooo" and then he waits for the tickle, haha!
-Carter is a love bug too. He gives sloppy kisses and blows kisses too. Melts my heart!

What's new at 18 months:
-A year and a half? Why does time fly like that?? Carter is 30 pounds on the nose, 34" tall, has 16 teeth, and is wearing a mix of 24 months and 2T.
-His favorites have mostly stayed the same-- building, climbing, singing, playing with the dogs, splashing in all of the water, ha!
-I swear he's a little engineer in the making. He loves figuring out how things work, buttons, taking things apart, putting them back together.
-He has such a sweet, helpful little spirit and I pray that continues. He does such a nice job helping me pick up his toys, move laundry around, feed the dogs, water the flowers, empty the dishwasher, etc.
-I bought him a little ride-on lawn mower and he LOVES riding that thing around. We're still working on how to steer it, but he brings me his helmet when he's ready to ride. So cute!
-His language continues to grow. I hear lots of one-word commands and animal noises. He also says "thank you" which is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
-I definitely see an independent side too. He wants to explore on his own and the distance he's comfortable with away from me is about twice as far as I'd like him to go!
-He rode his first merry-go-round and was super impressed with that.
-Thankfully, he's still a pretty good sleeper. He is having some night terrors that wake him up in the middle of the night several times a week though.
-Food is fun! He's a great eater and is determined to use the fork and spoon on his own. He gets very insulted if we try to help him. He is also obsessed with straws!

Some of my favorite pictures from 16, 17, and 18 months:

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