Saturday, June 17, 2017


What's new at 13 months:
-Carter took his first independent steps! Just a few days before Ryan and I left for a week in Punta Cana, Carter decided to chase me around the ottoman for puffs.
-His weight is finally starting to top off. He's just at 27 pounds, so he's still rocking mostly 18 month clothes.
-He has become very interested in using a spoon on his own. Learning is messy, but delicious.
-He loves going for rides in his wagon! It was the best birthday present ever.
-Spring weather is coming, but he isn't a big fan of grass.
-Books are still some of his favorites. It's super cute to hear him reading as he turns the pages.

What's new at 14 months:
-Carter is a walking champ! He will also break out in short sprints. All of this extra activity is keeping his weight pretty steady. He's right between 18 month and 24 month clothes.
-Rearranging the furniture is one of his favorite activities. He also continues to enjoy playing with the dog leashes, emptying our drawers, and banging on everything. Maybe he's musical. ;)
-Food continues to be a big hit. He's working on using a fork by himself and veeery proud about it.
-He is starting to mock sounds I make more, but he still isn't using real words that we can understand. He's learned to flip his lips with his finger and make a little humming noise. That's a big hit.
-Carter saw the Easter Bunny and chatted him up without fear.
-Pretty sure his wagon is still his favorite possession.
-He cut both of his top molars. It was pitiful.

What's new at 15 months:
-Carter is a walking, running, climbing machine!
-He weighs in at an impressive 27lbs, 12oz and is 31.25 inches tall. He's in mostly 24 month clothes.
-He's a little baby shark with 12 teeth. He uses them to eat us out of house and home.
-I can't take my eyes off of him! He's mastered climbing up on the couch, tries to stand on his toys, and still enjoys emptying any drawers that haven't been locked shut. When we get ready in the bathroom in the morning, he's a big fan of throwing my bottles in the bath tub and turning the water on.
-Favorites include electronic buttons (thermostat, remotes, garages), peekaboo, his blankie, our dogs, and anything outside. He loves his wagon, tricycle, water table, garden hose, etc.
-We enjoy going on weekly outings. We love the local children's museum, zoo, toddler gym, and lots of local parks. He also enjoyed his first Dragons baseball game.
-He's still working on words. I hear NO a lot, haha! Also uh-oh, wow, buhbuhs (buttons), mamama and dadada. He follows directions very well and his receptive language is great. When I ask him if he wants to eat or have milk, he FLIES to the refrigerator. He also races to the back door when I tell him daddy is home.

We love you so much!

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