Wednesday, March 8, 2017

12 months

Well, he did it. I made the mistake of blinking and my baby turned one.

As with previous months, food continues to be pretty popular around here. If you're in the kitchen, he is too. If you want a snack, he does too. If you're at Cheesecake Factory, he's going to make the OOOH face at your dessert. ;)

Watching his relationship with the dogs, especially Lily, is really sweet. He stands at the back door with me and waits for both of them to come inside. I have to separate them while Carter is eating, otherwise he feeds all of his snacks to Lily. Sometimes he will even crawl over to the gate to feed her.

Carter loves hanging out with daddy. Sometimes when mommy needs a break and daddy has work to do, Carter gets to go for a ride. Look at that face! Carter also helps daddy run errands, like to pick up our taxes. He enjoyed the calculator a lot.

But don't let those daddy dates fool you, this boy is allllll momma's! He continues to be my office assistant and loves going on walks when we need a break.

He is also quite the handful. I think he's WIRED to explore and climb everything. We've had to move the dog food into the pantry so that I can close the door and keep him out of it.

We celebrated his first Valentine's Day.  Little ham!

Carter loves to play. We alternate between his room, the family room, and the basement to keep him entertained throughout the day. He loves his cars and his basketball goal. We've also been doing more playgroups with my local moms' group. He discovered the mall play place too. Loves the tunnels!

I'm happy to report that he still loves books. He could flip through them for hours! I keep them stashed around the house-- his room, the basement, the family room, the bathroom. Busy little hands!

Mostly, he's just getting so darn big. He's wearing his big boy jammies, trying to put on his shoes, and bursting with so much personality.

Carter loved getting his first birthday card in the mail from Mamaw and Poppy. He read his name, opened the card, shook it around like crazy, and then tried to hand me the envelope pieces. So cute! Hoping this is a good sign for him wanting to open his birthday presents this weekend. =)

We're having his birthday party this weekend, but we greeted him with balloons this morning. We also had his professional pictures and cake smash this morning, but he wasn't the most cooperative so we'll see if any of those turn out. These are so cute though!

Happy birthday, buddy!

What's new this month:
-He's starting to take a few tiny steps. He'll go from cruising on something to reaching for me, but isn't confident to take off completely yet. He'll stand on his own, realize what he's doing, and quickly sit down. lol!
-We officially said goodbye to bottles. It's all cups, straws, and cow milk from here on out.
-We celebrated his last "first" holiday this Valentine's Day. From here on out, he's a holiday pro!
-He loves to eat, but he's starting to have an opinion about his food choices. Veggies? Not at the top of his list.
-He's making baby friends. Awe! Play groups and trips to the mall play place make him so excited!
-He weighs in at a whopping 26 pounds, 10 ounces.

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