Wednesday, February 8, 2017

11 Months

11 months. I hear the "Jaws" music counting us down to one every time I look in Carter's sweet little face. Baby man is inching closer to more man than baby. ;)

I think he's just about done with these monthly photoshoots too. Just check out that look he's giving his whale buddy.

Yup. Ready to get outta there!

Carter loves hanging out with us. He's such a trooper shopping, visiting museums, runnings errands {eating samples at the grocery store, ha!}, and going out to eat.

He's pretty much in love with our dogs. He loves uncovering them, rolling around in their beds, playing tug of war, and feeding Lily. Lily enjoys that too.

He continues to be an eating champ. He's figured out how to pull stuff out of the pantry. In case you were wondering, his first choice was M&Ms. Carter enjoys sharing Daddy's ice cream, and Daddy learned the hard way that oranges in a bowl on the floor can be veeerry messy.

Carter is a pretty good sidekick to me also. He helps me with my Jamberry work, which I am so thankful for. It's the best of both worlds to be at home with him, but also providing for our family. We also got our first pair of mommy and me leggings. They were a big hit at the air force museum.

He continues to be a little ham. His grin is so funny! He's also super curious and into everything. He looks at me and says "nooo nooo" before he does something he knows he shouldn't, like knock over the picture frame. We've officially locked down our entertain cabinet now too.

Carter's play is really starting to change. He investigates, takes things apart, bangs them together, and squishes his playdough. He's also a tiny bit spoiled because Daddy got him his own ball pit.

We've started taking classes at The Little Gym every week. Daddy got to go last week for the first time. Carter is also determined to walk. He's still pulling up and cruising on everything and loves to push his highchair around. We picked him up a walker last week so he could start cruising around with that. I think he just might be walking by his first birthday.

We dealt with our first big fever. He had a stomach bug a while ago, but this time he had a full blown fever, stuffy nose, sneeze, and a little bit of a cough. Thankfully it only lasted a few days. Poor dude!

He' kind of obsessed with windows and it cracks me up. He'll look out the living room windows, cruise around the morning room windows, and end up in our front sitting room if I leave the baby gate open. He likes those and the door sidelights the best!

Finally, I took his first birthday invitation pictures. Gah! When did he get so big?! I'll share his invites when I recap his birthday party next month, but here's a look at my favorite pic!

What's new this month:
-His play has changed so much. He's investigating his toys, banging them together, taking them apart.
-He has started dancing. It's so cute!
-He is eating us out of house and home. Carter's always loved to eat, but now he's having 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.
-Carter is having conversations now. We have no idea what he's saying, but he certainly does.
-He started going to weekly The Little Gym classes!
-His 8th tooth popped through.
-He moved up to 12-18 month clothes.

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