Sunday, January 8, 2017

Double Digits- happy 10 months!

Oh, my brave fearless baby man! You are 10 months old today.

As expected, it's getting nearly impossible to capture you sitting still. But that's half the fun, right?

We went on several adventures this month. We visited the aquarium and took several trips to see Christmas lights around town. You didn't mind being bundled up at all!

You also experienced snow for the first time. You kept squinting from the glare, but I think you would have played out there all day.

Eating continues to be one of your favorite activities. You have discovered how to clean food out of your bib (bonus!) and get sad when you drop your waffles in the morning.

You continue to be my trusty sidekick. You help me with my Jamberry work and occasionally sit still long enough to cuddle.

You also think I'm a human jungle gym.

You've used your new muscles to master stair climbing. We're still working on the getting back down part.

You spend so much of your days playing! You love to stand and are mesmerized by swinging the dog cage door open and shut. You've also discovered how fun it is to throw toys outside your baby jail. Your barn is one of your most favorite toys.

All of that playing really wears you out.

You celebrated your first Christmas!

We all wore matching jammies for the occasion. 

Then Mamaw and Poppy came to visit and you helped Poppy put together your playhouse Christmas present. 

You also got your very first pair of big boy shoes! You stomped around in them like a pro. 

Carter man, we love you so!

What's new this month:
-The teeth trend continues. We're up to 7 now.
-Master stair climber
-First snow (loved it!)
-Pulling up and cruising at every opportunity; starting to stand briefly on his own
-Graduated to "big boy" toys after Christmas. Goodbye, bouncer!
-Got his first pair of real shoes
-Almost ready to move up to 12-18 month clothes, but we're making them stretch so we don't have to buy a second winter wardrobe. ;)
-First trip to the Newport Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo lights, Carillon Park, and Woodland Lights

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