Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Runchkins Subscription Box Review

I'm sure many of you have heard about Stitch Fix, but for those of you with littles have you heard about Runchkins?

It's a similar subscription box, but it comes with NO styling fee. Yes, you read that correctly. You can have personally selected items that match your style profile shipped without the risk of losing your styling fee if the items don't work out. If you're thinking about checking it out, please consider using my affiliate link so we both get $20 off!

The highlights:
- No styling fee

- Free shipping both ways

- Only pay for the items you love (15% discount if you buy the whole box)

- Style quiz so you get items that are perfect for you

- Buy-back when your little is finished wearing them

- Seasonal (4 boxes a year) or Monthly subscriptions

- Each box comes with 4 outfits (6-12 pieces)

- Email preview of items in your box before it ships, and you can SWITCH OUT any items before they ship

So... here's a look at Carter's first box! I requested transitional items that will take Carter from winter to spring. He's currently wearing 9-12 months (and busting out of some of them) so I ordered 12-18 month sizes. When I received my email preview, I only switched out one item. So the style quiz definitely fit the box that was picked for us.

The lid of the box has a list of each outfit.

Outfit One: This is seriously cute! I love the navy shirt and the sandals are super cute for spring/summer. The alien shirt may be little trendy for my taste, but definitely keeping the rest. My husband, however, LOVES the alien shirt. It reminds him of Space Invaders.

Outfit Two: This is so perfect! At first glance in the preview email, I thought they were bicycles. Nope! Motorcycles. Poppy loves his Harley's, so this is just too cute. Carter doesn't have any vests, and it will be good for mixing and matching. Keeping!

Outfit Three: I love buffalo check patterns, so I did a little dance when I saw this shirt. This outfit originally was paired with a pair of cute crib shoes in my preview email, but I switched them out since Carter is in hard soles already. They were swapped with the sandals in the first outfit instead. I am debating keeping this shirt. Not because I don't love it (I do!) but because I don't think it will be seasonal for when Carter grows into it. Although there are some chilly days in February and March here...

Outfit Four: How fun is this outfit? The little astronauts are so cute and then romper feels super cozy. I would definitely keep the romper, but again it's not going to be the right size/season for us. My husband loves the astronauts because they remind him of Andy Warhol's style.

The Prices: These are boutique pieces, so they are slightly more expensive than clothes you'd pick up at most regular stores in the mall. But the quality was impressive and I like them for the unique factor. They'd be great for mixing and matching with Carter's regular wardrobe. Plus, now that he's not growing so quickly he'll get more wear out of each size.

My Advice: Definitely give it a try! What do you have to lose? Nothing because it's free shipping both ways and you only pay for what you decide to keep.

I would recommend ordering in your child's current size/season. They haven't received all of their spring items yet, so they were out of pants Carter's size. And a few of the pieces are going to go back because by the time he grows into them, they'll be almost out of season. They won't get enough wear to justify keeping.

We'll be getting another box in March and I can't wait to see what's inside it! Ready to try it for your kid(s)? Here's the link to take $20 off your first purchase of $40 or more: https://runchkins.com/?raf=ref4573902

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Double Digits- happy 10 months!

Oh, my brave fearless baby man! You are 10 months old today.

As expected, it's getting nearly impossible to capture you sitting still. But that's half the fun, right?

We went on several adventures this month. We visited the aquarium and took several trips to see Christmas lights around town. You didn't mind being bundled up at all!

You also experienced snow for the first time. You kept squinting from the glare, but I think you would have played out there all day.

Eating continues to be one of your favorite activities. You have discovered how to clean food out of your bib (bonus!) and get sad when you drop your waffles in the morning.

You continue to be my trusty sidekick. You help me with my Jamberry work and occasionally sit still long enough to cuddle.

You also think I'm a human jungle gym.

You've used your new muscles to master stair climbing. We're still working on the getting back down part.

You spend so much of your days playing! You love to stand and are mesmerized by swinging the dog cage door open and shut. You've also discovered how fun it is to throw toys outside your baby jail. Your barn is one of your most favorite toys.

All of that playing really wears you out.

You celebrated your first Christmas!

We all wore matching jammies for the occasion. 

Then Mamaw and Poppy came to visit and you helped Poppy put together your playhouse Christmas present. 

You also got your very first pair of big boy shoes! You stomped around in them like a pro. 

Carter man, we love you so!

What's new this month:
-The teeth trend continues. We're up to 7 now.
-Master stair climber
-First snow (loved it!)
-Pulling up and cruising at every opportunity; starting to stand briefly on his own
-Graduated to "big boy" toys after Christmas. Goodbye, bouncer!
-Got his first pair of real shoes
-Almost ready to move up to 12-18 month clothes, but we're making them stretch so we don't have to buy a second winter wardrobe. ;)
-First trip to the Newport Aquarium, Cincinnati Zoo lights, Carillon Park, and Woodland Lights