Thursday, December 8, 2016

9 Months, Happy Inside/Outside Day!

We did it, buddy... 9 months!

We celebrated inside/outside day, where you were officially spent just as much time in my tummy as you have out of it. 38 weeks in/38 weeks out. You are so big and I am so thankful to be your momma.

Everyone always says what a little chunk you are, probably because you love to eat. You usually eat off our plates, but you got your very first kids' meal at Broken Egg Cafe this month. Daddy ate your bacon, but you killed the waffle and about half of the eggs. Then you knock your plate on the floor when daddy wasn't looking. I guess you were finished. ;)

You continue to be my favorite little buddy. Playing in our bed every morning is your favorite. You are so feisty!

Daddy took you to get your first haircut. I might have cried a tiny bit when you came home because you looked so much older. You also took your first ride in a swing.

You are obviously a big helper when you go to the hardware store with daddy.

But you love shopping with me too. Here you helped pick out a bunch of Christmas presents and a book for yourself. You carried it through the whole store and maybe snacked on it a little too. Yum!

You are into everything. Crawling all over, playing with the dog toys, and riding our floor cleaner. Also, you love to stand. Forget sitting! In fact you are in to stuff so much that momma had to fence you in, fortunately you don't mind.

You celebrated your first Thanksgiving at Mamaw and Poppy's house. You did such a good job being away from home for 4 nights! They bought you new toys to play with and everything.

It's also your first Christmas season! We picked out our own Christmas tree, visited Santa, and played with Christmas lights. You were mesmerized!

We love you so much, little man!

What's new this month:
-More teeth! Carter is up to six teeth because two more came in on top this month. No fun!
-He has mastered crawling up on his knees, but he would rather pull up and stand instead.
-He's cruising around his fenced play yard. He tries to cruise furniture, but randomly lets go and falls.
-He graduated to kids' meals at restaurants instead of just eating off our plate.
-We bumped his bouncer up to the final notch. He's getting ready to size out of it!
-He's still in 9-12 month clothes, but moved up to size 4 diapers.
-Carter got his first haircut. It was so needed!
-We cut down our first Christmas tree as a family of three!
-He spent his first nights away from home when we visited Mamaw and Poppy for Thanksgiving!

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