Tuesday, November 8, 2016

It's Great To Be Eight

Baby man, you are getting toooo big too fast!

You are also determined to crawl out of mama's photoshoots.

Carter loves, loves, loves to eat. That's probably why he's almost 22 pounds, ha! He enjoys feeding himself and sitting in the highchair with us at restaurants. He's also discovered samples at the grocery store, where he especially loved mashed potatoes.

Carter also loves hanging with daddy.

During the day, he keeps momma super busy. He's sitting and pulling up on everything, which means he sometimes has to go into baby jail while I get stuff done. ;)

We also had our family pictures taken for our Christmas cards. Love how they turned out!

Carter loves books, which makes my teacher heart happy!

We also celebrated Carter's first Halloween.

By far, he has the most personality ever! It's so fun watching him grow and develop. Here's my favorite video of the month. =)

You can follow all of our adventures over on Instagram.

What's new this month:
-His top two teeth came in, so we're up to 4 teeth now.
-He weighs in at an impressive 21.8 pounds!
-He's a lightening fast crawler, but still drags his belly. He especially loves trying to get my power cord from under the couch and the dog food.
-He sits up on his own and is starting to pull up on e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g without help.
-He's ditched his infant "bucket" carrier and enjoys riding in the shopping cart.
-He loves eating out with us, sitting in the high chairs, and feeding himself.