Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lucky #7

Month 7, you have been one of my favorites! My smiley, happy little boy is bursting with personality, which makes the days so fun {and sometimes very, very long}.

He's also bursting out of his clothes. We've officially graduated into our 9-12 month sizes as of this morning.

This 6-9 outfit was the deciding vote. He was a little stuffed sausage in there, and even he knew it. ;)

Carter man loves, loves, loves to eat. I let him feed himself as much as possible, so it's usually a messy experience. Yogurt seems to be the current favorite.

Carter is also increasingly on the move. He started with an impressive plank and has just now started rocking on all fours. I'd say our non-crawling days are numbered. For now, he's a pro at rolling and scooting. Standing is his thing, and if he gets a little boost at all he's pulling up.

He continues to be my constant buddy. Shopping is one chore that he happily helps with. He loves riding around in his stroller!

Bathtime is another favorite. He splashes like crazy! He's also rolling around like crazy in there, so of course I had to snap a quick picture before turning him back over.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what Carter will grow up to be. I pray that he's kind, and smart, and brave enough to be his own little person. Probably not a teacher like mommy or a doctor like a daddy. Just last week, he was testing out his mechanic skills.

Whatever he decides, he is so loved!

What's new this month:
-He's taken "on the move" to a whole new level and covers the entire floor by rolling or army crawling.
-He's solidly into 9-12 month clothes.
-He went to the pumpkin patch 3 times.
-He spent a week with Poppy and Mamaw while hubby and I were on vacation/work trip for Jamberry.
-He's up to 35 foods, hates curry, and feeds himself well. He's a puff-eating pro.
-He has both of his bottom teeth.
-He interacts so much more. Whether it's people in the store, a new toy he's trying to figure out, or just chatting up the dogs... social, social, social!