Friday, July 8, 2016

4 Months Old

Carter turned 4 months old today, and I honestly don't know where my little baby has gone. He has so much personality and is acting bigger and bigger every day.

He's my constant little buddy, like this weekend when he pulled the nightshift with me.

He's mostly full of joy and keeps his daddy and me laughing.

He loves exploring his new toys. Everything goes right to his mouth. =)

And he really, really looks at you. I could stare into these little eyes all day. It's why I get so much less accomplished now.

He makes the silliest faces and noises. I wish I knew what he was thinking. Probably something like, "Mommy is so crazy." 

He also took his first vacation when we spent a week on Lake Erie. He was a real champ all week and loved the pool.

Look how much he enjoyed our last sunset on the lake. I accidentally cut Daddy's head off, but Carter was squealing here.

He also celebrated his first 4th of July. No fireworks this year though.

And he remains the snuggliest, cuddliest baby ever.

What's new this month:
-He went on his first vacation and climbed his first lighthouse.
-He is sooo close to rolling over from back to belly. He kicks his legs up and scoots around in a complete circle on his back, but can't get over that stubborn shoulder.
-He loves playing in his bouncer and sitting up in my lap.
-He is so nosy! He looks at everything, chats to himself, and smiles at strangers.

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