Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Newborn Footprint Craft

Carter is now three weeks old and we're soaking up every minute together. He's growing so fast and becoming more alert by the minute! Here's his most recent picture. When Daddy is in charge of bath time, Carter gets a mohawk. ;) 
baby mohawk

One of the things I really wanted to do before he got much bigger was a handprint and footprint craft. We quickly found out that his handprint wasn't going to be easy to capture. His newborn grasp reflex means he keeps his hands in tiny little fists. But he feet were pretty easy to work with, so we went with that. We'll do his handprints for something else when he gets a little bigger.

We tested both acrylic paint and ink stamps. Both went on easy, but I loved the way the ink turned out because it showed the finer details of his footprint better than the paint. It was definitely a two person job. My husband held Carter while I pressed the ink pad into his foot. I definitely recommend doing this in diaper only, it got a little messy. 
newborn footprint craft

One he was inked up, I gently pressed Carter's foot onto this design I made. I printed it on card stock so the ink wouldn't bleed. 
newborn footprint craft

I think it turned out so cute!
newborn footprint craft

We made one for each set of grandparents too. I love how each one is unique.
newborn footprint craft

I think it's the perfect newborn keepsake because it has his footprints as well as some of his birth stats. For now though, the days need to SLOW DOWN. He's growing way too fast.


  1. Those turned out SO cute! Also, I can't get over how much he looks like you! Cutie pie :)

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  3. Love this!! How did you make the template though? Did you use Microsoft Word or something of the sort? I NEED to make one!!

    1. I used PhotoShop, just because I use it all the time and am faster with it. You could definitely do it in PowerPoint pretty easily. Word would be my third choice. =)