Friday, March 25, 2016

Favorite Friday: Time for Sleep

Sleep Time Essentials for Baby
I am far from a Mommy expert, but I already have a few items that have made our first two weeks at home easier. With so many baby items out there and a variety of "buy this/not that" advice, it can be confusing and overwhelming when it's time to decide what to buy. So, I wanted to highlight a few items we're currently loving and break down why we're digging them.

1. Cloud B On the Go Soother: We have the owl version, but it's out of stock and seems to be discontinued. It's currently available as a giraffe or lamb. I love this because it's NOT too loud for baby, something that was super important to me. It attached with velcro, so it's easy to attach to the crib or grab it and take it with you on the stroller. Carter is a pretty good sleeper, but sometimes he fusses a little when we first put him down. One click of the button on this little magical animal, and he's out. It plays ocean, rain, nature, and whale sounds that automatically shut off on a timer.

2. Chicco Lullaby Baby: We're using this in our bedroom as Carter's crib at night. We started in the newborn napper for his first few nights, but now he sleeps flat in the bottom portion. It's super convenient to have the diaper changer up top too. We can change Carter, feed him, and have him back to bed in about twenty minutes without leaving our bedroom. I call that a win.
Chicco Lullaby Equinox

3. Aden + Anais Swaddles: We swaddle Carter at bedtime. Not only does it keep him cozy and remind him of the womb, but it also keeps him from rolling over onto his face. He's a big fan of rolling onto his side, but gets stuck on his shoulder. It makes my momma heart nervous to look up and see him on his side while he's sleeping. The swaddles solve that. We have a couple sleep sacks that we really love too, but the swaddles are super versatile for snuggling during the day as well.

4. Owlet Baby Monitor: We have the traditional video monitor for checking in on Carter once he's sleeping in his own crib, but my momma heart needed more peace of mind. I'm so thankful I discovered the Owlet! This little gadget uses hospital-quality pule oximetry technology to monitor Carter's heart rate and oxygen level while he sleeps. It communicates via a base station and also syncs to both of our cell phones to alert if there's a problem. You can use the app to view Carter's stats in real time too. I definitely sleep easier when Carter has it on as an extra layer of security. Well worth the price!
Owlet Baby Monitor

Hope that helps, and I'll continue to share other favorites in the coming months!

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