Friday, February 12, 2016

Nursery Organization Tips

Nursery Organization: closets and dressersFor being such a little guy, our baby sure does have a lot of stuff! Blankets, swaddles, clothes, toys, diapers, wipes, books, oh my!

I have to confess, I was a little overwhelmed trying to figure out where to put everything. Do I hang the clothes, or fold them? Do I keep matching outfits together, or do I separate pants into one pile and onesies into another? Just how many blankets do I really need anyway?!

But, I was determined to get the nursery organized before Carter makes his appearance so I just dove in headfirst {and probably made my husband a little crazy in the process}. Now I'm pleased to say that everything has been washed and put away with four to six weeks to spare, which makes this momma's heart happy.

Again, I have a mix of budget-friendly ideas with a couple splurges too. I'll put a list of sources down below at the bottom of this post.

First up, I tackled the closet. Our closets are really wide, so there's lots of room hidden off to the left and right. I have extras stacked up back there, as well as our pack-n-play, bouncer, etc. Ample closet space was definitely a deciding factor when we were building!

The bins across the top hold extra bedding, extra changing pad covers, and extra blankets to swap out as the ones we have are in the laundry. They also hold clothes that Carter will grow into later. I'll also use them to hold extra diapers and wipes that we don't need in our dresser for immediate use. Across the bottom, the cubbies {Ikea Kallax} will hold toys and books.  
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

I love how the bins are soft and will be right at Carter's eye-level as he grows into them. I'm sure he won't keep them nearly as neat as I do, especially if he takes after his Daddy. ;)
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

Then it was on to the dresser. We're using the top of the dresser as our changing table. The whale bin holds wipes and I need to get a bottle of hand sanitizer to put up there too.  Everything for diaper changing will go across the top of the dresser drawers.
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

We still need to get our wipes, diapers, and magical potions. We're using these little Ikea organizers to corral everything. 
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

The second row holds everything Carter will need when he's brand new. Newborn and one-size gowns/sleepers. I'm guessing he'll burn through those quickly, and then we'll move his current sizes up into these drawers. 
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

The bottom row of his dresser holds his matching outfits and more nighttime options for swaddling and 3 month sized sleepers. 
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

Finally, Carter's nightstand has everything we need for feeding, burping, and cuddling. The top drawer has pacifiers and burp cloths, while the bottom drawer has extra swaddles and receiving blankets. 
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

I think we're just about all set! It's still hard to imagine that all these books I've been collecting over the years will finally have an owner. We bought this little elephant as soon as we found out we were pregnant, and the stacker set as soon as we knew we were having a little boy. We're ready anytime he is!
Nursery Organization: closets and dressers

Top shelf bins: Target
White organizer: Ikea Kallax
Striped closet bins: Land of Nod
Dresser: Babies R Us Oxford Baby Dallas
Dresser dividers: Ikea


  1. It's great that you organized everything now because once Carter arrives, you will be so busy! My pediatrician told me, "It's amazing how much work an infant is for such a tiny being." Today my oldest "baby" is 27! I'm excited for you! The nursery looks amazing!

    1. I bet! I've been impressed with the amount of tiny little laundry we've already had to do. ;)

  2. Do you know what 'model' the Ikea shelves/organizer in the closet is? I LOVE this idea, but they have SO many options. I'm currently 24 weeks along with my first and in FULL BLOWN nesting-mode :) Thanks!!