Tuesday, February 23, 2016

36 Weeks, But Who's Counting?

I can tell you who is counting the days... this girl right here. ;) With 28 days until my due date, I'm starting to feel a tiny bit like a ticking time bomb. I get worn out just thinking about household tasks, and there is no way I'm going to the grocery store by myself at this point. This pretty much sums up my life right now. I wish I was kidding.

Carter has definitely taken over my body. I've gained 21.2 pounds total and I'm pretty sure it's all in my face and my belly. I asked the doctor at my 36 week appointment yesterday if I was having a dinosaur baby, but she assures me he's regular sized and measuring right on track. I feel like a house though. This is one of my pre-pregnancy shirts, but it's stretched to the max. {Side note: check out our new paint color in the background, whoop!}

I mean seriously, check little man out.

Forget about sleep and bring on the aches and pains. Carter heavily prefers my left side. It's definitely uncomfortable, but also kind of reassuring. He's still rattling around in there and moving like crazy. I'm flat on my back here, and check him out. For real.

I'm also having contractions. 2cm and 50% effaced, so nothing crazy yet. My doctor won't stop labor at this point, so he's free to come whenever he wants. Ryan and I were both two weeks early, so I'm guessing March 12th as baby day. I'm not due until March 22nd, and I had kind of hoped for a spring baby. But now that we're approaching the finish line, I'm just ready to have an outside baby instead of an inside baby. But if he'd wait until at least March 1st at 37 weeks, that would be just about perfect.

Food is a mixed bag. I alternate between EAT ALL THE THINGS and then feeling stuffed immediately. The heart burn is definitely real, but still loving my spicy Mexican food. We joke that Carter is going to come out requesting a chimichanga.

Looking Forward To:
Sleeping on my stomach
Seeing my toes
Running around without my heart racing
Indulging in a glass of wine
Holding this sweet baby

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