Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's Ours! Ryan Homes Olsen Model Pictures

We made it! It came down to the wire, but we closed just an hour behind schedule. Hooray!

My husband had the truck loaded on Thursday night, drove it to closing on Friday, and had us moving in right after. It's been an exhausting two days. Ryan has to go back to work Monday, so the plan is to get all furniture and boxes to the correct rooms this weekend so I can unpack this week. I hate that I haven't been much help-- no heavy lifting while pregnant. Darn. ;)

We have a small list of issues leftover from our final inspection. For example, the house wasn't cleaned so the brand new carpet is covered in muddy shoe prints that we were told would be taken care of in the final clean before closing. A few windows still have exterior paint on them too. I think the biggest bummer is that the master bathtub that we upgraded is scratched. Our project manager said it would clean up before closing, but again it didn't. The house just needed a really good once-over that didn't seem to happen.

Then there are just a few other things we've noticed in our first 24 hours-- a few windows are ajar and don't open/close properly, our keys don't work in the front deadbolt, and the back door lock doesn't align properly at all. Guardian also has a couple issues to fix. I'm sure it will all get worked out though. 

I'll share more pictures as we start to make it our own, but here are some professional pictures for now. It's the first time the Olsen Model has been built around here, so Dwelling Moments took these for our builder.


powder room

kitchen, morning room, family room

entry way and formal areas


basement bathroom

basement bathroom


front bedroom 1

guest bath

guest bath

bonus room

bonus room

bonus room landing

guest bedroom

upstairs hallway


hall bath

view of entry from upstairs

my side of master bath

master from bathroom


  1. Thank you for sharing all of these pictures! I've been following along and eager to see them. We may be moving for a job opportunity and are considering building an Olsen if we do. It's so hard to find more info about this plan though as I'm sure you understand! So I'm thankful for your information and pictures. So, congratulations on moving in and on the baby!! If we get further into this process, I may ask you some questions!

  2. Your house is beautiful. We built an Olsen model about 1 year ago and have drywall for the sides and back side of our island (where the stools go) is this the same for you? I questioned it when we were building but they assured me that the Olsen did not come with "cabinet" type finish on the sides and back of the island. Thanks!

    1. Thank you! Our island is definitely "cabinet" type material and stained to match.

  3. Your house looks great! Were are thinking of building the olsen. I am having a hard time finding pictures of the upgraded master bathroom. Would you mind posting a pic?

  4. We're having on Olsen built in March 2017 and are really excited. Did they fix your minor issues? Were they pretty responsive?

    1. I hate to say it, but Ryan Home has been the absolute worst to deal with after closing. Issues took months to get fixed and more of them popped up. We're still fighting to get it all taken care of. Our "one year" walk through would have been October. Except they don't actually do a walk through-- you have to contact them over and over to get a response. Then you send them a list of things to fix. And then you have to email/text/call them every week to make sure they actually do it. It's January 13th and we STILL have items waiting to be fixed. A total nightmare.

      Soo... we love the home. The we love the layout. We love the neighborhood. But Ryan Home's service is the worst. If I treated my clients this way, I would be out of business.

      A few issues to watch for:
      -Carpet is lumpy/bumpy on the stairs and landing. They sent the carpet people out to stretch it. Less than a week later, we had bumps again. They are supposed to come back out to fix it again, but who knows when? They won't contact us to schedule it.

      -We had major drainage issues over the front porch area soon after closing. They sent someone out to put in an extra downspout (which was allegedly supposed to be installed during the build according to them, but never installed and not on the blueprints). Except the person they sent put the downspout in the WRONG place!! That was around April 2016 and we are STILL fighting to have it moved to the correct spot. In the meantime, it's created a huge stain down our driveway.

      -Our front light post became a limbo bar. Seriously, it was almost flat on the ground. It took FOUR visits for them to get it installed properly so it would stand up. They just finished it last week, January 2017.

      -Something with our water heater and A/C unit. Not exactly sure what, that's my husband's area. The reps are supposed to contact us.

      -Water drainage/settlement that's sinking in our yard. You get a one time fix, but the yard people wouldn't call us back. Now that it's winter, they say it will have to wait until spring.

      -Gutters along the back have been incorrectly installed, which is causing backup issues. Again, they say they'll fix it in the spring.

      Pretty much the only thing they've actually fixed from our one year list is the drywall pops/cracks in trim. Except the trim in the two story foyer, because it was too high for them to reach with their ladder. Seriously.

      So... definitely buyer beware and stay on top of EVERYTHING during your build. If we would go back, we'd hire our own inspector to check everything before closing. Once you close, they don't want to come back even though it's in the paperwork.