Monday, September 7, 2015

Walls, Tile, Exterior... oh my!

Things are cruising right along at the house! The drywall was finished last week, which is awesome because it really gives a great idea of the finished space. Love the arch details! 

Upstairs landing

This is the bonus room, and so far it's one of the best testimonies for working with Ryan Homes. Originally, only the blue area was supposed to be drywall. It was a "box" where the HVAC run upstairs. After seeing it completed on another Ryan Homes blog, we definitely didn't like the way it looked. It felt like wasted space and we'd ideally like to mount our TV here. The off-center box was really messing with my sense of balance. The blueprints actually don't show it here at all, so we talked about it at our pre-construction meeting and were assured we'd find a solution. I asked to have the entire "box" built out so that at least it looked even. Super impressed with the way it turned out. 

This week, they also finished a ton of exterior work. Brick and cement board is finished on the sides and back. The front will be a stone combination. 

Inside, the walls have been primed and painters take up residence this week. They also have the tile finished in the laundry room and bathrooms. Subfloor has been put in too. Cannot wait to see the hardwood!

And... because of the Labor Day deals, we scored our refrigerator on sale plus a rebate! The rest of the appliances are included, so I'm glad this is our first and last appliance purchase for a while. 

We are set to close September 9th, so just over a month to go!

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