Monday, September 28, 2015

Two weeks to go...

We are two weeks from closing! It's definitely getting real. Our final walkthrough is next Wednesday, but we headed over this weekend to check it out because carpet and countertops went in.

First up, we headed to the basement. I love how light and airy the space is for being underground! My husband caught me getting up from testing out the carpet. ;)  The back left corner will be our wet bar and the far end will be the movie area. The little nook {where I was doing a carpet angel, lol} will be a game area. Someday. This space is definitely the last one on our list.

The ceiling is almost finished in the dining room!

The pantry shelves are up. They leave a little to be desired, huh? ha! We'll definitely do something a little sturdier in here. I'm hoping the little caps keep it from damaging the floor until then. But can I just say that I'm stoked to actually have a pantry? Our townhouse has a pantry/coat closet combo. Obviously we don't put coats in there, but that should tell you how small our current space is.

Ahh, the granite! I've been waiting for this day. We couldn't get the granite we really wanted (a light, creamy beige) in this area through our builder, so we went with St. Cecilia granite. The slabs vary a lot and ours is a fairly medium shade. It's pretty consistent in texture, with a quite a bit of black though. It doesn't look bad with our expresso cabinets, but it's definitely not my favorite either. The final verdict? Still want to replace it when we do the backsplash, but it's not on the immediate list. I can live with it for now. =)

The stairs have also been stained to match the floor and the carpet is in upstairs too. My husband didn't really get a good picture of any of it though. Overall, we are still super pleased. Inside, it's mostly just finishing touches and detail work left. Outside, they're getting ready to pour concrete. Not sure when landscaping is scheduled.

The only Ryan Homes issues left on our list:

  • We opted for an extra exhaust fan in the master bathroom. The standard one is in the water closet, which is pretty far from the shower. It's installed, but none of the switches in the room actually turn it on so it doesn't function. Minor detail. ;) 
  • Our floor plans include cabinets in the laundry room. But they weren't installed with the other cabinets last time. When we went back this weekend, a wire shelf had been installed instead. Need to get that worked out. 
  • We added an extra light switch in the bonus room. There are two doors in, but only one of them has a light switch. Remember that fun little box to hide the HVAC we've been dealing with? We requested a light switch on both sides of it to cover each entry, but noticed it wasn't actually installed. I think it's one of those things got lost in the transition from one project manager to the next. The same thing happened with the attic access being moved out of the bedroom and that was able to be fixed quickly. I'm sure this will be too. 
  • The outdoor water spigot needs to be moved. We requested both the front and back ones to be moved. The back was moved immediately, but the front one was left under our big window. We had to follow up a couple times, but they did take it down before the exterior stone went up last week. Hooray!  Except, they never put it back up on the side of the house. We definitely need to get that installed.

Other than that, I think we're ready to go! We're still having appraisal issues, but our mortgage banker thinks that should be cleared up today or tomorrow.

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