Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Baby Bump Week 15

Well, it's official. I am definitely pregnant!
15 week baby bump

I am 15 weeks today and my belly has definitely started to bump out. I can't "suck it in" all the way now. ha! You can barely tell in the morning, but by evening I am definitely showing from the side. So far, I'm still wearing my regular clothes most of the time. I broke down and bought a belly band for my jeans to get through this in-between stage. My regular jeans still button, but are a little tight and my bladder wasn't having that. ;) I also picked up a pair of side panel jeans from Target. I felt like an imposter in the maternity section because I'm barely showing, but I need to be able to breathe. ;) Maternity shirts are currently too big, and my tshirts are getting a little tight, but most of my looser tops are still good to go.

As far as symptoms go, the second trimester has lifted some of the exhaustion I had been feeling. I'm having some sinus headaches, which was to be expected with my terrible allergies. I can continue my allergy shots, but it's suggested I don't take my nightly medicine unless I really, really need it. So that's been fun. :) My blood pressure has also been running a little low, but nothing that putting my feet up and resting hasn't fixed so far. I'm also having some trouble sleeping. I'm typically a back or stomach sleeper, so getting used to sleeping on my side has been hard. Overall though, feeling pretty good!

I'm finding that food is key to how I feel. If I eat every three hours or so, I feel pretty good. But if I get hungry, watch out! I haven't had any major cravings or aversions. I can't stand to smell my husband's coffee, though I've never been a coffee fan anyway. I have been hungry for red meat more than usual though. I typically just eat chicken, so that's been a fun change.

Looking Forward To:
I cannot wait to find out what this little one is! I have a feeling it's a boy, but Ryan is still thinking girl. I think it's because he knows I'd really love a little pink in the nursery so he's holding out hope for me. ha! Every time we look at nursery bedding, I'm drawn to boy stuff though. Heartbeat has steadily been around 156, so most of my friends are guessing girl. Our next ultrasound can't come soon enough!

I'm also really looking forward to feeling baby move around. We were able to hear the heartbeat this weekend and that definitely helps, but I'll feel better when I can feel baby at least once in a while. With my retroverted uterus, it could be a little while still.

I'm also ready to get in our home and start nesting next week! 

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