Saturday, September 19, 2015

3 weeks to go!

It's hard to think that we're 20 days out from closing. I look around our current townhouse and all the packing we need to do... ugh! My blood pressure rises just thinking about it. My husband swears it will go smoothly, but we've accumulated so much stuff in the five years since we moved here!

We also ran into appraisal issues last week. We contacted our mortgage banker to let her know and she's looking into it. The appraiser had listed half the number bathrooms, included a fireplace, left off the bonus room, etc. Seems like it was just a rushed job, so hoping that clears up this week. 

But things continue to move along at the new house. Hoping we stay on track! The exterior is almost finished. We're still waiting for that dang water spicket to be moved to the side instead of under the front window. They moved the one on the back, but not the front yet. The unfinished parts will be stone, which has been delivered. Yay! The exterior color isn't my favorite, but the one we wanted wasn't an option since it had been used on a home nearby. I like that they make sure there's a variety of colors, and I'm pretty sure the stone will help balance out the color. 

The hardwood floor throughout the entire main level was one of our biggest budget splurges. I'm so glad because it looks fantastic! 

The kitchen cabinets are also starting to go in. I really debated between the expresso and white, but I'm so glad we opted for expresso. Seeing them up and the way the look with the floor... love! We're going to do our down backsplash after closing, and I can't wait to see the granite slab either. They didn't offer my first choice, so I'm crossing my fingers we'll get a good slab and won't need to change it after closing too. 

Moving upstairs, check out our master closet. Swoon! We opted to remove the wall between the his and her closets to make one large closet instead. We'll be installing our own organizers after closing. Our current closet in the townhouse is over-flowing, so I'm looking forward to having all this room. 

Finally, our master bath. We upgraded the layout to include the soaking tub and separate shower, but then took the standard tile and flooring. We want to do a wood-look tile on the floor and large, creamy tile on the bath and shower. It wasn't an option with Ryan Homes, so it will be our first project after closing. The standard flooring here is a wood--look vinyl. I joked that maybe we'd just keep it because it looked better than I thought it would, but my husband definitely said no to that one. ;) The other bathrooms all have tile instead of vinyl, so the master needs to as well. The current tile job on the bathroom looks pretty bad though. It isn't even and it's off-center. No big deal since we're tearing it out, but I was a little surprised at how it looked. Love the his/her vanities with white marble though!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house come together. Paint, trim, carpet upstairs, light fixtures... home stretch! 

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