Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Baby Bump Week 15

Well, it's official. I am definitely pregnant!
15 week baby bump

I am 15 weeks today and my belly has definitely started to bump out. I can't "suck it in" all the way now. ha! You can barely tell in the morning, but by evening I am definitely showing from the side. So far, I'm still wearing my regular clothes most of the time. I broke down and bought a belly band for my jeans to get through this in-between stage. My regular jeans still button, but are a little tight and my bladder wasn't having that. ;) I also picked up a pair of side panel jeans from Target. I felt like an imposter in the maternity section because I'm barely showing, but I need to be able to breathe. ;) Maternity shirts are currently too big, and my tshirts are getting a little tight, but most of my looser tops are still good to go.

As far as symptoms go, the second trimester has lifted some of the exhaustion I had been feeling. I'm having some sinus headaches, which was to be expected with my terrible allergies. I can continue my allergy shots, but it's suggested I don't take my nightly medicine unless I really, really need it. So that's been fun. :) My blood pressure has also been running a little low, but nothing that putting my feet up and resting hasn't fixed so far. I'm also having some trouble sleeping. I'm typically a back or stomach sleeper, so getting used to sleeping on my side has been hard. Overall though, feeling pretty good!

I'm finding that food is key to how I feel. If I eat every three hours or so, I feel pretty good. But if I get hungry, watch out! I haven't had any major cravings or aversions. I can't stand to smell my husband's coffee, though I've never been a coffee fan anyway. I have been hungry for red meat more than usual though. I typically just eat chicken, so that's been a fun change.

Looking Forward To:
I cannot wait to find out what this little one is! I have a feeling it's a boy, but Ryan is still thinking girl. I think it's because he knows I'd really love a little pink in the nursery so he's holding out hope for me. ha! Every time we look at nursery bedding, I'm drawn to boy stuff though. Heartbeat has steadily been around 156, so most of my friends are guessing girl. Our next ultrasound can't come soon enough!

I'm also really looking forward to feeling baby move around. We were able to hear the heartbeat this weekend and that definitely helps, but I'll feel better when I can feel baby at least once in a while. With my retroverted uterus, it could be a little while still.

I'm also ready to get in our home and start nesting next week! 

Monday, September 28, 2015

Two weeks to go...

We are two weeks from closing! It's definitely getting real. Our final walkthrough is next Wednesday, but we headed over this weekend to check it out because carpet and countertops went in.

First up, we headed to the basement. I love how light and airy the space is for being underground! My husband caught me getting up from testing out the carpet. ;)  The back left corner will be our wet bar and the far end will be the movie area. The little nook {where I was doing a carpet angel, lol} will be a game area. Someday. This space is definitely the last one on our list.

The ceiling is almost finished in the dining room!

The pantry shelves are up. They leave a little to be desired, huh? ha! We'll definitely do something a little sturdier in here. I'm hoping the little caps keep it from damaging the floor until then. But can I just say that I'm stoked to actually have a pantry? Our townhouse has a pantry/coat closet combo. Obviously we don't put coats in there, but that should tell you how small our current space is.

Ahh, the granite! I've been waiting for this day. We couldn't get the granite we really wanted (a light, creamy beige) in this area through our builder, so we went with St. Cecilia granite. The slabs vary a lot and ours is a fairly medium shade. It's pretty consistent in texture, with a quite a bit of black though. It doesn't look bad with our expresso cabinets, but it's definitely not my favorite either. The final verdict? Still want to replace it when we do the backsplash, but it's not on the immediate list. I can live with it for now. =)

The stairs have also been stained to match the floor and the carpet is in upstairs too. My husband didn't really get a good picture of any of it though. Overall, we are still super pleased. Inside, it's mostly just finishing touches and detail work left. Outside, they're getting ready to pour concrete. Not sure when landscaping is scheduled.

The only Ryan Homes issues left on our list:

  • We opted for an extra exhaust fan in the master bathroom. The standard one is in the water closet, which is pretty far from the shower. It's installed, but none of the switches in the room actually turn it on so it doesn't function. Minor detail. ;) 
  • Our floor plans include cabinets in the laundry room. But they weren't installed with the other cabinets last time. When we went back this weekend, a wire shelf had been installed instead. Need to get that worked out. 
  • We added an extra light switch in the bonus room. There are two doors in, but only one of them has a light switch. Remember that fun little box to hide the HVAC we've been dealing with? We requested a light switch on both sides of it to cover each entry, but noticed it wasn't actually installed. I think it's one of those things got lost in the transition from one project manager to the next. The same thing happened with the attic access being moved out of the bedroom and that was able to be fixed quickly. I'm sure this will be too. 
  • The outdoor water spigot needs to be moved. We requested both the front and back ones to be moved. The back was moved immediately, but the front one was left under our big window. We had to follow up a couple times, but they did take it down before the exterior stone went up last week. Hooray!  Except, they never put it back up on the side of the house. We definitely need to get that installed.

Other than that, I think we're ready to go! We're still having appraisal issues, but our mortgage banker thinks that should be cleared up today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

And then there were three...

I've been begging my husband for a kitten this fall when we move into our new house. He was giving me a pretty solid "no" on that one. So... guess who showed him? We're having a baby this spring instead! ;)

In all seriousness though, we are super excited. It took us a little longer to find each other than other couples we know. Then after we were married we waited to have good jobs and sound financial security, we waited for Ryan to finish medical school, we waited to find out where we'd be for his residency, we waited for a house... it was time to stop waiting.

And now it's a whole lot of waiting for spring so we can hold our little one. We plan to enjoy every minute of the wait though, no rushing sweet baby! 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

3 weeks to go!

It's hard to think that we're 20 days out from closing. I look around our current townhouse and all the packing we need to do... ugh! My blood pressure rises just thinking about it. My husband swears it will go smoothly, but we've accumulated so much stuff in the five years since we moved here!

We also ran into appraisal issues last week. We contacted our mortgage banker to let her know and she's looking into it. The appraiser had listed half the number bathrooms, included a fireplace, left off the bonus room, etc. Seems like it was just a rushed job, so hoping that clears up this week. 

But things continue to move along at the new house. Hoping we stay on track! The exterior is almost finished. We're still waiting for that dang water spicket to be moved to the side instead of under the front window. They moved the one on the back, but not the front yet. The unfinished parts will be stone, which has been delivered. Yay! The exterior color isn't my favorite, but the one we wanted wasn't an option since it had been used on a home nearby. I like that they make sure there's a variety of colors, and I'm pretty sure the stone will help balance out the color. 

The hardwood floor throughout the entire main level was one of our biggest budget splurges. I'm so glad because it looks fantastic! 

The kitchen cabinets are also starting to go in. I really debated between the expresso and white, but I'm so glad we opted for expresso. Seeing them up and the way the look with the floor... love! We're going to do our down backsplash after closing, and I can't wait to see the granite slab either. They didn't offer my first choice, so I'm crossing my fingers we'll get a good slab and won't need to change it after closing too. 

Moving upstairs, check out our master closet. Swoon! We opted to remove the wall between the his and her closets to make one large closet instead. We'll be installing our own organizers after closing. Our current closet in the townhouse is over-flowing, so I'm looking forward to having all this room. 

Finally, our master bath. We upgraded the layout to include the soaking tub and separate shower, but then took the standard tile and flooring. We want to do a wood-look tile on the floor and large, creamy tile on the bath and shower. It wasn't an option with Ryan Homes, so it will be our first project after closing. The standard flooring here is a wood--look vinyl. I joked that maybe we'd just keep it because it looked better than I thought it would, but my husband definitely said no to that one. ;) The other bathrooms all have tile instead of vinyl, so the master needs to as well. The current tile job on the bathroom looks pretty bad though. It isn't even and it's off-center. No big deal since we're tearing it out, but I was a little surprised at how it looked. Love the his/her vanities with white marble though!

Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house come together. Paint, trim, carpet upstairs, light fixtures... home stretch! 

Monday, September 7, 2015

Walls, Tile, Exterior... oh my!

Things are cruising right along at the house! The drywall was finished last week, which is awesome because it really gives a great idea of the finished space. Love the arch details! 

Upstairs landing

This is the bonus room, and so far it's one of the best testimonies for working with Ryan Homes. Originally, only the blue area was supposed to be drywall. It was a "box" where the HVAC run upstairs. After seeing it completed on another Ryan Homes blog, we definitely didn't like the way it looked. It felt like wasted space and we'd ideally like to mount our TV here. The off-center box was really messing with my sense of balance. The blueprints actually don't show it here at all, so we talked about it at our pre-construction meeting and were assured we'd find a solution. I asked to have the entire "box" built out so that at least it looked even. Super impressed with the way it turned out. 

This week, they also finished a ton of exterior work. Brick and cement board is finished on the sides and back. The front will be a stone combination. 

Inside, the walls have been primed and painters take up residence this week. They also have the tile finished in the laundry room and bathrooms. Subfloor has been put in too. Cannot wait to see the hardwood!

And... because of the Labor Day deals, we scored our refrigerator on sale plus a rebate! The rest of the appliances are included, so I'm glad this is our first and last appliance purchase for a while. 

We are set to close September 9th, so just over a month to go!