Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pre Drywall Meeting

Things are still moving along with the house! We're about a month behind our original projection, but crossing our fingers we'll close before October 20th, when our interest rate lock expires. We were initially projected for mid-September so October 20th felt like a safe date. Now I'm a tiny bit nervous, but full steam ahead. ;)

We had our pre-drywall meeting on Monday. It was a chance to walk through the house with our PR and make sure everything looked good before closing up the framing. For the most part, things looked great. I finally remembered to have Ryan snap a picture of my office, which is my favorite room in the house. I'm so glad I opted for the 4 foot extension. Can't wait to see the double doors installed! 

Overall, we left with just a small list of changes.

  • We bought an extra exhaust fan for the master bath, but it wasn't installed
  • Guardian installed living room speakers in wrong spot
  • Move the thermostat location across the hall instead of in living room
  • Strap ducts so they aren't compressed in ceiling
  • Move attic access out of the bedroom as requested at pre-construction meeting
  • Move house bibs (outdoor faucets) to sides of house
  • Double check stair installation (weren't level)
  • Check on garage windows to see if they can be rounded instead of rectangular 
  • Need to change the master closet into one large room instead of two smaller ones
  • Need to frame out the HVAC in the bonus room to make it symmetrical  

I don't know if you remember my previous Guardian post, but they continue to be a little difficult to work with. The living room wall speakers were wired outside the living room windows instead of inside. Not a big deal to move over at this point, so my husband called our rep to let him know. I guess the installer didn't want to come back out and fix it because he told our rep that he had to install the speakers outside because the studs inside were too narrow. Definitely not the case because the studs inside were wider than the ones outside. I don't really care either way, but for sound quality blah blah they are supposed to be so many feet off center. It's not something that you can change after they've been drywalled and we opted to upgrade to these speakers for sound quality and aesthetics, so it needs to be right. Hoping that's fixed next time we're out there!

They had delivered the brick, so I'm excited to see the outside of house start to take shape too.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Construction Progress and Shopping Deals

Construction continues to move along! We walked through last Friday to check out the framing and then again today to see the electrical progress.

I'm really glad we upgraded to the carriage garage doors. They look so charming! The stone and brick is set to be delivered next week and I can't wait to see it all tie together.

Ryan Homes Olsen Model

I think one of my favorite features of the house is the front window in the formal living room. I didn't realize how big it would be and love the way it goes almost to the floor. Can't you just picture a Christmas tree there this winter? We're going to replace the front door and lights after closing for something a little fancier. 
Ryan Homes Olsen Foyer

I love the two-story foyer. This is the view from the upstairs hallway, which will be open to below. I bought the prettiest Pottery Barn light to hang here as well. 
Ryan Homes Olsen Foyer

I adore the arches in this house too. This is the formal dining room leading into our family room. Ryan's picturing a big TV there between the windows already. ;) When we went by today, they actually had the prewiring in, but we didn't grab a good picture. Ryan actually wants to move the in-wall speakers. Right now, they are up toward the ceiling outside each window. He wants them at seat height inside the windows. I'm just stoked to have so much light in there, speakers or not. ;)  
Ryan Homes Olsen Living Room

We've walked through twice now and I *still* don't have a picture of my office. How did that happen?! But this a view from the back and my office is in the back left corner there. Love the view from my window, right out into the woods. 
Ryan Homes Olsen Model

This is pretty much the extent of our back yard though. Even though we're building on an acre, it's mostly wooded. The street we're on is a rounded corner too, so our house is set back off the street a little more. I feel a little claustrophobic looking outside compared to the view we have now in our townhouse. By the time we pour our patio, there won't be a ton of yard left straight back. The lot is super wide though, so we have lots of room on each side and the corners. We'll definitely need to do some tree clearing to get more of a yard. Fortunately, the trees aren't mature and a lot of it is just brush.

Overall, I'm really impressed with Ryan Homes. They're moving right along, paying attention to details, and keeping us in the loop well. Would highly recommend them. We're still on a short delay from all the rain that delayed our slab. We've moved from 9/10 to 9/24 for completion. We're hoping to still be out of our townhouse by 10/1, so fingers crossed we keep moving along. Should be just a couple weeks away from drywall! 

I've started picking up some items for the new house too. We'll have quite a bit of furnishing to do, so I've been keeping my eyes open for good deals along the way. I try to walk through Home Goods every time we're by the mall. It paid off because I was able to grab this rug for the morning room super cheap. 

How cute will that look under our kitchen table? We're decorating in coastal colors-- mostly blues and light greens. The pop of yellow should go well too. With all the windows and natural light, I can picture it already. In fact, I loved it so much I was determined to find a deal on the matching runner too. And I found it online!

Ravella Water Ornamental Leaf Runner

I love it when a plan comes together. It's an indoor/outdoor rug so it should hold up to our kitchen just fine. If you're looking for it, it's called the Ravella Water Ornamental Leaf Border Outdoor Area Rug.

Hopefully next update will at drywall and I can show you a few more deals I've grabbed too. ;)