Monday, July 27, 2015

We have a house!

Everyone said the building process would really fly once they started framing. They were right! We've been on a two week delay due to rain and not being able to pour the slab. But then last Monday (1 week ago!) I drove by when this started to happen.

How cool is it that I happened to drive by as they were lifting the first boards?! Then on Tuesday, I drove by again. Just 24 hours later...

Seriously, so exciting! But then I was out of town on Wednesday-Sunday for the Jamberry international conference. It was killing me to be away. Fortunately, our super sweet sales rep sent me a picture on Friday.

In less than a week, we had a house! It's so hard to imagine and I am d-y-i-n-g to get inside there. I drove by again tonight. This is one full week from the first board being lifted:

Crazy progress, right? In less than 2 months, we should be moving in. I've started getting serious about furniture shopping, paint, and master bathroom ideas since we'll be redoing our master bath after closing. Can't wait to share those with you! Until then, here's my Pinterest board.