Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We've Been Staked!

This has been another fun week in our Olsen Model home building process with Ryan Homes! First of all, we received an email that our project manager would be changing. Because our former PR is moving to a different development, we set up a quick meeting this morning to introduce ourselves to the new PR and just quickly go over plans for the house. He was equally as friendly and knowledgeable, so no worries there.

We also did a quick walk out to our lot and found it staked. Hooray! I wasn't wear the proper shoes to really walk around out there in the mud, but it's so exciting to see how our house will sit on the lot in real life.

The only downside is that the estimated tree line is a lot closer to the house than expected, so we pretty much have no backyard. There are a few trees before it gets really thick though, so we'll be clearing a few of those and the underbrush to reveal an actual yard before we hit the woods. We sit on an acre, so there's plenty of room back there. But it's definitely one more project on the list now.

Overall, super excited to break ground next week!

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