Monday, June 15, 2015

Dig Day!

It's getting real, y'all! I was in Utah last week for an Elite Exec meeting with Jamberry, which OF COURSE meant they started work on our house. But our sales rep pretty much rocks, so she sent me this picture. Isn't it the cutest little pile of dirt you've ever seen? ;)

So then my husband went over to check it out on day 3. We had footers! I have to say, this part is starting to get me excited. I can SEE where my office is, picture the living room, etc. here.

After I flew home, we ran by the site again on Day 4 so I could see it in person. They are seriously so fast. It was raining Friday, so I'm not even sure that this counts as four full days of work. Gotta love a selfie stick for getting good pictures up high and far away. ha! Looks like they're getting ready to pour the foundation walls.

It's still hard to wrap my head around this finally being OUR house. I'm still working on my Pinterest board with ideas to fill it up:

Follow Christi Fultz's board Making Our House a Home on Pinterest.

Cannot wait to go back next weekend!

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