Thursday, June 25, 2015

Paid to Party? Yup!

So here's the thing. I’m an educated lady. I graduated high school as valedictorian, Ball State Honors College summa cum laude (a semester early), and finished my master’s degree with a 4.0 too. This is why my hackles came up a little bit when I was recently told that direct sale opportunities are only for people who couldn't cut it out in the "real world" and/or those who don't have an education for more traditional career paths. Um, have you met me??

My husband has lovingly called me a "gunner" since the day we met because I'm super ambitious once I set my mind to something. I’ve worked since I was 16 as a cashier, tutor, orientation leader, teacher, blogger, curriculum writer, and graphic designer… but truly, my most enjoyable job has been Jamberry. Most of the time it doesn't actually feel like a "job" at all. I'd say that's a pretty good sign.

Yes, I sell fancy nail stickers and am PROUD of it.  I didn’t think there was anything that could be as fulfilling as my job teaching third grade, but I was wrong. I have the best of both worlds; I’m still a coach, a mentor, and a teacher. But I also get to set my own hours, be my own boss, and work primarily from home. Don't tell, but yoga wear is my new wardrobe.

Those of you who are laughing at the thought, you aren’t alone. I laughed at myself when I joined! I told my friends it wasn’t another one of my jobs, just something fun on the side. I wasn’t into those “direct sales pyramid things” so don’t even try to convince me otherwise. I’m just here for the discount, y’all. But you know what? Sometimes life surprises us. And now?

Now I’m not just selling wraps over here. I’m sharing a product that gives ladies everywhere a little DIY pick-me-up for a few dollars. I’m helping nail-biters finally feel like they have pretty hands. I’m influencing THOUSANDS of women on our team as they contribute to their families. I’m mentoring leaders. I'm traveling on someone else's dime. I'm challenging myself to continue to grow and change with experience. I’m securing our family’s financial future. No joke, we’re YEARS ahead of our financial goals that I didn’t even know were possible when I started. And I’m doing it all one pretty little manicure at a time.

Want to see what it’s about? Join us in my Facebook event this week to hear all about it. No pressure, just info. Who knows? Maybe it will surprise you too and be just the thing you never knew you needed. 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Another Week of Progress

It has been raining all.week.long from the hurricane, but they've still been trucking right along on our house between showers. I love how thick the greenery out back has gotten too. Upon closer inspection, it looks like we'll have about 50 feet of backyard once we clear a few of the little trees out before heading into the thicker woods.

It's actually starting to look like a house too. This back corner will be unfinished storage in the basement, but my office will sit on top of it on the first floor. It's fun to see that taking shape!

Then this is the view from the woods. I stayed in the car because it was pretty wet, but my husband ventured out to take a shot from the grassy area out back.

I'm actually getting a little excited to be able to walk through it once everything is framed in a few and we're allowed inside. I'm still in the PINCH ME stage of disbelief that this will actually be our home.

Today was housekeeper day and I have given up on trying to hide the mess. I've been working on a few projects in my current office this week and have things spilling over everywhere due to our lack of space. Cannot wait to get in the new house where I'll have an office and a bonus crafting/sewing/project room too. I can't believe I'm sharing this picture, but this is the hot mess I'm trying to work in now.

My work side-- I cannot stand to have anything out on my desk, but I'm simply out of room to hide it in the closet. Then there's the piles of stuff shoved into the corners on the floor. Not pretty. I've pretty much taken to working on my laptop on the couch downstairs whenever possible so I don't have to shuffle things around up here.

And my craft desk, which is basically piled high with "stuff" too. Cannot wait to get a functional closet and storage shelves going so I can put stuff away and get it back out easily when I need it! Ignore the weird wall art, leftover from when this was my husband's side of the office. You know, before I took it over. ;)

Is it September yet?

Monday, June 15, 2015

Dig Day!

It's getting real, y'all! I was in Utah last week for an Elite Exec meeting with Jamberry, which OF COURSE meant they started work on our house. But our sales rep pretty much rocks, so she sent me this picture. Isn't it the cutest little pile of dirt you've ever seen? ;)

So then my husband went over to check it out on day 3. We had footers! I have to say, this part is starting to get me excited. I can SEE where my office is, picture the living room, etc. here.

After I flew home, we ran by the site again on Day 4 so I could see it in person. They are seriously so fast. It was raining Friday, so I'm not even sure that this counts as four full days of work. Gotta love a selfie stick for getting good pictures up high and far away. ha! Looks like they're getting ready to pour the foundation walls.

It's still hard to wrap my head around this finally being OUR house. I'm still working on my Pinterest board with ideas to fill it up:

Follow Christi Fultz's board Making Our House a Home on Pinterest.

Cannot wait to go back next weekend!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We've Been Staked!

This has been another fun week in our Olsen Model home building process with Ryan Homes! First of all, we received an email that our project manager would be changing. Because our former PR is moving to a different development, we set up a quick meeting this morning to introduce ourselves to the new PR and just quickly go over plans for the house. He was equally as friendly and knowledgeable, so no worries there.

We also did a quick walk out to our lot and found it staked. Hooray! I wasn't wear the proper shoes to really walk around out there in the mud, but it's so exciting to see how our house will sit on the lot in real life.

The only downside is that the estimated tree line is a lot closer to the house than expected, so we pretty much have no backyard. There are a few trees before it gets really thick though, so we'll be clearing a few of those and the underbrush to reveal an actual yard before we hit the woods. We sit on an acre, so there's plenty of room back there. But it's definitely one more project on the list now.

Overall, super excited to break ground next week!