Thursday, May 21, 2015

Pre-Construction Meeting with Ryan Homes

Spring is here and we are one step closer to breaking ground! Our new house is about 45 minutes from our current place, so I don't get out by the house very often. I typically go every 3 weeks when I'm out that way for my Xtreme Lash appointment. It's fun to drive by and see how the greenery is filling out.

This was three weeks ago. My husband was in charge of snapping our selfie. ha! I love the way the green was starting to fill in and make those distant neighbors disappear.

Then this picture was taken yesterday, check it out! Bye-bye, neighbors! It's amazing what a difference three weeks makes. I was really hesitant to go with this lot because of all the woods, but my husband was in love. They just looked messy and sad when we first saw the lot two months ago. Now they're actually starting to grow on me. No pun intended there, ha! I can see myself looking out in our backyard and feeling good about our choice.

We also have our final plot map. Our sales rep joked that we can put a go cart track in back there. About half of the backyard is wooded, still hard to wrap my head around. Such a blessing that this is even possible!

Our pre-construction meeting went well. It took about 2 hours, but we didn't have any problems at all. I actually love that it was uneventful. Our project manager confirmed all of our options, talked about the process, and we left feeling even more confident in our choice to build with Ryan Homes. We're waiting on a little bit of paperwork before the lot will be staked and then digging is set for June 10th. In about three weeks, we should have more than just grass and dirt to show! ;)

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