Saturday, May 2, 2015

Baby Cuddle Blankets

There has been a bit of a baby boom among my friends, so I've been busy making cuddle blankets for their arrivals. I absolutely love spending time at my sewing machine and look forward to having a craft room in our new house so I can sew more often. Right now, my sewing and embroidery machines live in the closet and it's such a pain to drag them out. I can only have one machine out at a time and pretty much need to finish a project all in one day instead of starting and stopping because of the time it takes to get everything out and put it all away. I look forward to being able to just close the bonus room door and leave my projects a hot mess from time to time. ;)

First up was a blankie for little miss Aubrey. Her nursery is a cute mix of teal, pink, purple, and gray in fun patterns.

Then was a dog-themed blankie for handsome little Wyatt. Aubrey and Wyatt's mommas are great friends of mine who I met on The Knot while planning our destination wedding years ago. Who knows? Maybe Aubrey and Wyatt will get married someday since their mommas are such great friends and they are due at the same time. ;) 

Finally, Drew surprised us and came a little early so he beat his blankie out of production. It's the thought that counts though, right?

I typically use minky on the back of my blankets and a mix of flannel and cotton on the front. Flannel is softer and "rags up" better, but cotton comes in a better selection of colors and prints. Then I include ribbons on the side the blankie can be attached to strollers with links. They're also great for attaching toys or keeping baby busy with curious little fingers.

If you want to see more of my sewing projects, you can hop over here to my old sewing blog Little Apple Cuties. It was a fun side project of mine before my graphic design work took over. I just don't have time to sew commercially anymore, but still enjoy making things for friends.

I'm often asked which embroidery machine I use, so this is it. I went with a fairly basic machine because I wasn't sure how much I'd use it. It's a standard 5x7 hoop, but I also bought the jumbo 5x12 hoop for my machine.

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