Monday, April 20, 2015

Preliminary Plot Map and Options

I love, love, love our experience building with Ryan Homes so far. Everything is cruising along quickly and it feels like we're making real progress. We received our preliminary plot map to show how our house will sit on the lot. Our driveway will actually be straight to the street for all three garages instead of having the third one angled like it is here. Close enough though.

I knew our lot was big, but I didn't realize it was quite THAT big. Our house looks teeny tiny on that thing. The majority of our lot is wooded, with the back 140 feet or so in the woods. My husband has big plans of fire pits and kids stomping around back there. I see a lot of work to get it cleaned up, ha!

We got an estimate for a fence. Our goal was to fence in the yard so our dogs would have a place to run and play. I nearly fainted at the cost to fence in such a large lot! We've debated not fencing the entire thing in (like the woods), but I'm thinking if we're going to do it we might as well do it all the way.

We've also finalized and signed off on our options last week. For our exterior, we've chosen Allendale Hill brick, Dakota Ledgestone, Navajo Beige cement board (not shown), brown shutters, and a Sherwin Williams French Roast front door.

For the interior, we're going with dark maple expresso cabinets and Brown Bear hand scraped wood floor throughout the first level.

We chose light carpet for the basement and upstairs. Vellum (on the left) is sort of a crocheted texture for the basement and Quartz (on the right) is a loop texture for the second floor. I liked Quartz because it's solidly in the greige color family. ;) We're doing all of the extra bathrooms in the Serene White tile. I love the neutrals because they will go so well with a variety of decor throughout the house, but still tie everything together.

I think our granite kitchen counters are going to be a little bit of a wild card. It's a free upgrade so we can't complain, but we couldn't get approval to use the granite we really preferred. So this is Santa Cecelia. It varies a lot by the slab and can be a dark, streaky black or a lighter golden brown overall. If we get the darker variety, we'll most likely replace the counters down the road.

The only thing not pictured is our master bath tile. We had to go back to select that one because we received approval to do a kerdi mud pan instead of the standard white one. We picked daltile Florentine Argento. It's a creamy background with brown details. I'll update once I get a real picture of it.

Super excited to keep moving forward and can't wait until we have our hole in the ground!

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