Friday, April 10, 2015

Catching Up with Stitch Fix

In spite of making my husband take the pictures, I am hopelessly behind on sharing my Stitch Fixes. Forget about February, but here's what I received in March. 

I asked my stylist for business casual pieces that I could mix and match with things I already had. I specified that I liked fun details and wasn't afraid to play with a little color. 

Opening the box is always so fun! I usually let it sit on the kitchen counter and dream about what might be inside first. When I opened it, I was instantly in love with the black/nude sleeve top. Those are exactly the kind of details I love. 

The blazer with the rolled polka dot sleeve also caught my eye. I've pinned several blazers and love the way they look, but have had trouble finding one that fits correctly over my large chest. The struggle is real. 

I already have a black/white striped dress (or two), but the cut of this one was unique so I was excited to try it on too.

Okay, so time to dig into those clothes! The jeans were too low cut for me and felt a little like I was back in the high school days where you leaned over and showed the world your booty if you weren't wearing a stellar belt. The blue dress also was a no-go. The large chest strikes again. A higher-waisted dress always makes me feel like I have my boobs on a shelf. ;)

The nude shirt, however, was darling! I can easily wear this with dark jeans for date night or pair it with a skirt for events. Keeper!

I also loved the dress! Check out the back detail and slightly puffed shoulder. My others are all straight, but I love the flare in this skirt of this one. Keeping it!

Next up was the blazer. I actually liked the way the dress looked with a blazer, but this one wasn't the right fit.  I contemplated exchanging for a large instead of medium, but still felt like it would be too tight across the chest. I decided to send this one back.

Even though I only kept the two pieces this time, I was still really pleased with my overall fix. The pieces were definitely the right style and on point with what I like to spend. For my next box, I've requested colorful pieces for spring/summer with more of the unique details like the nude shirt.

Are you ready to try out your own personal stylist? You'll fill out your style profile and let your stylist know if you're looking for something specific. Then for a $20 styling fee, you get a box with 5 pieces inside. The $20 goes toward anything you decide to keep from the box. If you buy all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount! Whatever you decide not to keep goes right back in a pre-paid mailer they send inside your box. Just drop it in the mailbox. So easy! I can't wait to see what YOU get!

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