Thursday, April 16, 2015

Building with Ryan Homes: The Olsen Model

So I shared that we were building The Olsen with Ryan homes, but I wanted to give you a closer look of our floor plan. We are going from about 900 square feet to 5,000 so we're going to need LOTS of furniture to fill this baby up.

This is the entry level. I'm not quite sure how we'll do the living room/dining room transition yet. They are open to each other with just a little bit of a frame between them. But my absolute favorite part here is my new office in the back corner. No more sharing with my husband, this baby will be all mine. I also love the two-story foyer for a nice, open look as soon as you enter.

Then there's the second floor. Four bedrooms with lots of room for family and a bonus room that I'll use for crafting/sewing so it doesn't have to be crammed into my office like it is now. Ryan will also use the bonus room nook as his office. Down the road this will probably be a playroom for the kids. We also made a non-standard request to remove the wall between the master closets so we'll be putting in one large closet instead of two. Then I'll give Ryan a corner of it. ;) For $200, we thought it was definitely worth the price. Dream closet on the way!

Finally, the basement. This was just icing on the cake for us because it was something we planned to finish down the road instead of right away. Most of our existing furniture will go down here and we're going to turn it into a game room and man cave for my husband.

So far, working with Ryan Homes has been really easy. Our sales rep is amazingly on top of things and they had great options to choose from in their design center. The only request we've made that has been denied so far is the stairs. I want direct set/wood stairs. We're doing wood floor throughout the main level (hate carpet!) so I wanted the stairs to match, something like this.

Our sales rep was pretty sure that would be a no. They can do this on some models, but not others, but we still asked her to check. She was right, no go. Bummer, but we are so far ahead in this house that it isn't a deal breaker. They will do the iron (included as one of the incentives) and we'll most likely do the stairs ourselves down the road.

Cannot wait to get moving on this!

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