Saturday, April 18, 2015

Baby Foot Review

In the weeks leading up to our trip to Mexico on the free Jamberry Nails incentive trip, I had heard some buzz about this foot peel called Baby Foot. It was late February so my feet were definitely not beach-ready. I'm pretty good about keeping my toes painted, but that's as far as it goes so it was the perfect time to try something new.

If you have never heard of it, Baby Foot is a three step process. Apply it to your feet, let it soak in, wash away. That's it. You treat your feet one time and then the product works its magic over the course of a week. Warning: it will turn you into a skin-shedding snake in a gross, yet satisfying, way. I didn't get a picture of the box on its own, but here's what it looks like. I opted for the lavender scent.

It comes with two plastic booties that are already filled with the magical solution. You just slip them on over your feet, use the little included adhesive to close them around your ankles, slip on some comfy socks (optional), and then plant your booty on the couch with a good book so you don't go walking around for about an hour. For best results, you can soak your feet in water first to soften them up so you absorb the most product.

This is what's going on under the socks. It's a cute look for me, right?? For the most part, I couldn't really tell I was wearing them. The product was a little cool and I got a slight tingling sensation toward the end, but no burning or anything weird.

After an hour,  I washed away the gel and did notice that it had done a number on my Kiss colored lacquer. Other than that, my feet looked exactly the same. At this point, it's time to sit back and wait. There's no turning back now, so I just had to give the product time to work its magic. I was a little nervous I would wake up the next day without any skin left on my foot, but that definitely didn't happen.

It was all "no updates here" for the first several days. I was starting to think it wasn't going to work at all, but around day 5 my feet definitely started to peel. Sorry for the poor hotel lighting. My feet definitely aren't dirty, but instead covered with lots of dry, shedding skin.

On a scale of 1-10, that was probably a 2 or a 3. I was kind of impressed, but my results weren't anything like pictures I had seen online. Then day 6 hit. I am all kinds of snake at this point. It's coming up the sides of my foot, the pads of my toes, and doing a real number on my super dry areas. It took everything I had not to peel it off myself like an old sunburn, but I did step up the exfoliating in the shower.

I'm thinking that's surely the end of Baby Foot's magic, but day 7 was even better. Seriously?! It was oddly satisfying. This was pretty much the high point and most of it scrubbed off in the shower.

By day 9, I was no longer a snake. Baby Foot delivered on its promise to deliver soft, smooth, vacation-ready feet.

Would I do this again? Definitely. No pain and it definitely got rid of the top layer of dead skin. Will this replace a good old salon pedicure for me in the future? No. But it is a nice touch up, especially in the winter when I don't typically get pedicures anyway. If you want to give it a try, you can find Baby Foot on Amazon.

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