Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April Stitch Fix

For my April Stitch Fix, I asked for colorful spring/summer pieces with unique details. I tend to wear a lot of black and white, sometimes brown or gray. ha! So I was ready to pump it up with some color.

Before opening the box, I told my husband I hoped there was something coral inside. I hadn't asked for it specifically, but just had a whim the day the box arrived. I was definitely not disappointed to see 2 coral pieces.

I usually get a pair of jeans, and this time I received a pair of slightly whiskered trousers. Love at first sight! I've only kept one pair of jeans so far due to not finding the perfect cut/fit combo. Fingers were definitely crossed on those.

The cobalt lace top reminded me of one I kept from a previous fix, but a little softer.

Then there was the wild card leaf dress. It sort of reminded me of a kimono. I wasn't feeling the leaf pattern, but I always try everything on anyway.

First up was the coral shirt and trouser jeans. The jeans fit so perfectly! They are a tiny bit long with my flats, but could easily be worn with low heels or boots. I could always get them hemmed for flats too.

The coral shirt, on the other hand, was too tight across the chest so the buttons were bulging. Totally not flattering. It's a Hawthorne 41, which I've had several pieces from before. A medium is often too tight across the chest and a large is too big through the sides/stomach. It's going back.

Next up, I tried the crochet tank. This one is actually a two-piece. There's a nude cami that you wear under the sheer fabric. Sorry my strap is twisted, you can tell my husband is over my fashion shoots. I really debated keeping this one. I love the crochet back details, but wasn't really a fan of the cami strap showing. I also felt like it was a little too short in the front and hit me at a weird spot.

Then I tried the leaf dress. It has a belt and pockets, which are fun. I hate the print though. I actually didn't mind the cut as much as I thought I would. It buttons so I could have opened it up more to show more neckline. My husband loved it, what?! It went back.

Finally, the cobalt blue lace top. LOVE! It's a tiny bit clingy over my chest due to the material, but I'm going with it because the details are so pretty on this one. I can see myself wearing it with a dark pair of trousers or tucking it into a black skirt. Those shoulders, so pretty!

Are you ready to try out your own personal stylist? You'll fill out your style profile and let your stylist know if you're looking for something specific. Then for a $20 styling fee, you get a box with 5 pieces inside. The $20 goes toward anything you decide to keep from the box. If you buy all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount! Whatever you decide not to keep goes right back in a pre-paid mailer they send inside your box. Just drop it in the mailbox. So easy! I can't wait to see what YOU get!

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