Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Bonus Room Updates

We've slowly been chipping away at our home projects for our Ryan Homes Olsen model. We've been in our home just about 3 months now, so it's been a slooow process. ;) 

First up, our Master Bedroom. This room is absolutely huge. I didn't realize quite how big it was until we put the king bed in. We are waiting to paint until all repairs have been made, so we haven't hung any art or pictures yet. 

Here's the view from the entryway. The door leads to our master bath, which we are totally renovating so I'll save pictures of that for later. 

I love the light! My husband installed it on a dimmer switch pretty easily too. 

Here's the view from the other corner. Does it make anyone else crazy that the bench and duvet are both off-center? I definitely fixed that after I noticed it in this picture.

As I mentioned earlier this week in my repair issue post, definitely keep an eye on your tray ceilings if you're building with Ryan Homes. This is our actual finished ceiling.

Here's one of the stalactites we chipped off to give you an idea of size. We're going to repaint the room anyway, so we'll just sand them down. But seriously? It shouldn't have been left like this. It's all the way around.

We also finished the Guest Room. This will be super important with baby on the way in March so grandparents have a place to stay. 

It has its own bathroom, which is a jack/jill that connects to the bonus room. 

This is one room where we're using our old furniture, but I used chalk paint to redo my husband's old side table. 

Here's the after! I found knobs, but am still looking for the perfect bars. I'm also painting two other pieces the same color.

Finally, we finished my side of the bonus room. Again, still need to paint and hang things up. We went with Ikea furniture here, but I love having a place to craft. It's home to my paper and sewing machines. Eager to get started on a quilt for our little man in here. =)

We also made a trip to Sherwin Williams to grab blue for the nursery and neutral paint for the rest of the house.

We want to use gray/beige tones throughout the house. I want more brown/beige downstairs and more gray/beige upstairs in our master. It's so hard to tell what the paint looks like from the chip, so here are our actual swatches. The background paint in our house is Shell White. We decided to go with #2 Requisite Gray for our bedroom and #7 Dhurrie Beige for our main level.

We also picked nursery colors for our little boy. It will be Dhurrie Beige, Reflecting Pool (on top), and Regatta (far left). The other two blues are Endless Sea and St. Bart's. If we were just doing one color, I'd go with Sherwin Williams St. Bart's, but I decided to go with the contrast between the dark navy and teal. It also compliments our bedding better.

Looking forward to having our repairs finished so we can have the house painted. Then it will be time for finishing touches. I hope to share our kitchen, family room, and nursery next!

Master Sources:
Capiz Oversized Flushmount Ceiling light: Pottery Barn
Baxton Studio Aisling Platform Bed: OverStock
Hadley Bedding: Pottery Barn
Floral chair: Target
Gray side tables: Target
End lamps: Hobby Lobby
Claudia Diamond Wale Grey Bench: OverStock

Guest Bedroom:
Headboard: J.C. Penney
Chalk Paint: Annie Sloan French Linen

Bonus Room:

All Paint:
Sherwin Williams

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ryan Homes Repair Issues

We've been in our home almost 90 days now, so here's the update from closing on the issues we had that needed repaired. Warning, this is long. But I know from reading other Ryan Homes home owner blogs, my husband and I were able to be more aware of what to look for during each inspection point, so hopefully this list helps you avoid the issues we have had. 

Unfortunately, we still have quite a few outstanding issues. Our project manager is no longer with Ryan Homes, so we met with his supervisor on Wednesday, December 23rd. The supervisor now has our remaining work list and said we'd be hearing back to get contractors scheduled this week after the holidays. REALLY hoping there is light at the end of this tunnel now. 

An important note that you'll want to avoid: We had our pre-closing walk through on October 7th. Our closing was October 9th. When we did our final walk through to make note of any issues, our house had not been cleaned yet. Floors were dirty, counters were messy, walls still had scuffs on them, paint was chipped in a few places, the master bathtub we upgraded had black streaks, and we were waiting on the electrician to put in one more light switch that had been missed during construction. We were told not to worry about any of this because the house hadn't been finalized yet, so nothing we pointed out went on our inspection form because it was "being taken care of" during the final touch up before closing. That did NOT happen. So anything that isn't absolutely perfect at your final walk through needs to go on the list. Don't let your project manager brush it off. Make him write it down (he fills out the form). 

Smaller issues that have been fixed:
  • Door locks. Our keys didn't work in the front door at all and the back door was so far out of alignment that it didn't lock AT ALL. After three weeks in our home of leaving the back door unlocked, a handy man was sent out to repair it.
  • Powder room dry wall was incomplete around plumbing under sink. At our pre-closing walk through, it was flagged with blue tape. It didn't get fixed before closing, so we had to have a dry wall guy come out and do it after we moved in. 
  • One master bedroom window had different window panes. It was missing one of the white strips. It has been swapped out after closing. 
  • Master bathtub black streaks were actually scratches. Had to have tub sanded/refinished after closing. Side note: cardboard and construction trash was stored in the tub (without a protective liner) during construction. Definitely watch for this.
  • Master bathroom exhaust fan spit out insulation and sparked when it was turned on. Thank goodness it happened to my husband and not me! The whole corner was scorched and turned black. They sent someone out to replace it. 
  • Sump pump cover wouldn't come off. It had been hammered into place. A handy man pried it off (we didn't want to force it in case it broke). It now just rests on our unit and he told us to keep pets/kids away from it. Interesting. ;)
  • Both garage doors were damaged in the same place on the bottom. You couldn't see it unless they were open. The door company replaced both bottom panels. Also, while they were here they replaced one of the door openers because the second garage door had an electrical problem. It buzzed, even when the light was off and it wasn't in use. They said this was an indictor of a problem down the road and went ahead and changed it. 
  • Font concrete was crumbling on the stairs and porch.  It has been patched. 
  • Stone finish out front didn't come down to the foundation. We noticed this early on, but the lot hadn't been graded and the driveway hadn't been poured so it was hard to say where the actual "ground" would start on the house. It ended up being about a foot too short. After pulling up to the house and seeing it every day, it was making me crazy. The neighbors' all go down to the driveway, so ours was the only one like this. The stone company came back and finished it. They said it was installed like that initially because the driveway wasn't poured yet so they lined it up with the front porch. Just something you might want to watch for. 
  • Sinking spots in the yard. At our walkthrough, one spot was marked on our sheet because it was the size of a lawnmower, lol. Two weeks and lots of yard-watering later, several holes appeared in the yard. The side grading seems to be a little off too, which may cause a water problem in the future. The sod company came out and filled/repaired the low spots.

Wow, right? Here are the smaller issues that are still outstanding but should (hopefully) be easy to fix:
  • Damaged windowsills. Thanks to my pregnancy hormones, I was HOT when we were moving in. As I opened a few windows, I noticed the windowsills were bent and damaged on a handful of windows. Initially our project manager said he ordered new windows to replace them. That never happened. Now the supervisor said the siding company can actually heat them up and repair them, so we're waiting to schedule that. 
  • Damaged stair spindles. An upstairs spindle had blue tape on it during our walkthrough. Our project manager didn't know why and we didn't see a problem so he said it must have just not been removed. While climbing the stairs one night, I saw the problem. The spindle had been broken! It wasn't attached at the bottom at all, and the top was being held in place by a glob of clear glue. It looked like dried hot glue on a school project. Seriously. After checking out all of the other spindles, another one had also been damaged but repaired correctly with a wood plug. It's not a big deal, but I hate that something was broken and they tried to repair it (poorly) to hide it. After the holidays, it will be repaired correctly.
  • Like the spindle, a square section of our kitchen cabinets had been taped off/repaired poorly. You can especially see it in the natural light. Again, not a big deal but it shouldn't happen. They're ordering a new panel. They had already replaced an entire cabinet above the microwave for being deeply scratched. 
  • Exterior mortar. Our water bib where the hose attaches was initially installed in the wrong spot. By the time they moved it, the brick had already gone up so the plumber drilled a new hole for the water bib. It was held in place with two screws, that weren't actually attached to anything. So when my husband went to water the lawn, the bib came off in his hands. It's definitely not water-tight either. Same thing for our sump pump pipe. The pipe had been melted into place so it was too small for the hole. They put in a new pipe that isn't melted, but now it needs mortar to keep water from getting into our house around it. The supervisor said he'd send the mortar people over when the house next door gets mortar. 
  • Crushed attic HVAC pipe/duct. When my husband went into the attic to install our master ceiling light, he found that the heating pipe was totally crushed. He's guessing it was stepped on while other work was happening up there. 
  • Broken window seals (like between panes). We noticed that one of the windows upstairs looked dirty. I thought it was exterior paint or something on it (and again, the house hadn't been cleaned so no big deal). Turns out, it wasn't dirty. It was a sign that the seal between the panes was defective. A new window has been ordered I guess, but never installed. 
  • Dining room ceiling trim issues. This one was making my husband crazy. The tray ceiling in the dining room has gaps in it between the pine boards, so you can see several black seams. When we pointed it out, our project manager said pine was difficult to work with. He had his handyman repair one corner (which looks awesome now!), but they didn't repair the rest. The supervisor is having them all filled. 
  • The master tray ceiling also has issues. The drywall/paint left stalactites around each corner. We're repainting ourselves and will sand those down before painting, but if you aren't planning to paint yourselves be sure to look at the tray ceiling work closely. 

Major Issues that I'm still holding my breath over:
  • Basement carpet stains. We have a light beige, woven carpet in our basement. It wasn't protected after installation, and our electrical room is in the basement. Our project manager said putting plastic down voids the carpet warranty?! So contractors (tile, water bib, etc) were walking on our carpet and left dark footprints in a few spots down the stairs, and outside of unfinished areas. When we pointed this out during our final walkthrough, we were told not to worry because it hadn't been cleaned yet.  Well... it did NOT come clean. So after closing, Ryan Homes sent their repairman to shampoo the carpet. After two cleanings (one hour apart), it was way WORSE than it had started. Now the entire area is dark and the stains were just smeared around. After several promises to send the carpet company and/or ServPro out to clean it professionally, nothing had been done. When we met with the supervisor last week, he brought the carpet company with him. They're going to schedule a professional cleaning after the holidays. If that doesn't work, they're going to try to patch the carpet. :/ Super unhappy with the way this has happened. DO NOT close on a house with dirty carpet. 
  • Windows, windows, windows. When we moved in and I tried to open a few windows for air, I noticed they were really squeaky and hard to close too. After opening several, a few of them wouldn't lock either. It's like they were too tight. Initially, Ryan Homes sent a handy man to silicone them. The handyman tried, but said that wouldn't work because the windows were installed incorrectly. A few weeks later, the window contractors came to adjust the balusters. That worked for a few windows, but the larger issue is that the windows are actually installed incorrectly (as the original guy suggested). The drywall openings are not cut squarely, so the windows sit in the openings crooked. The supervisor we met with last week says they will need to remove our exterior siding, redo the openings, install the windows again, and touch up drywall. WAHHH!!!  This is a huge issue. He asked if we wanted to wait until spring when the weather warms up, but with my baby on the way in March that's not happening. We still want to have the house professionally painted too, which we can't do until windows are repaired. They will be scheduling with us after the holidays. 
  • Blueprint issues. We are the first home owners to build this Ryan Homes Olsen model here in Dayton, Ohio. There was some version 1/version 2 changes, as well as a few things that just didn't match up to the blueprints. For example the bonus room HVAC issue that isn't actually on the plans, but I learned about from another blogger. Well, one of the things is that our laundry room includes laundry cabinets. At our pre-construction meeting the cabinets are on the blueprints, but they weren't on the order list or something. Our initial project manager (who was moved to a different development just before we broke ground) made a note about that on our paperwork, circled them on the plans, and said it wouldn't be a problem. However, as construction went along the cabinets were never installed. Our sales rep and second project manager continued to go back and forth about whether or not we actually received them. We signed off on them, they are on our prints, and this was already addressed before construction began. The supervisor we met with has them ordered and they're going to be installed after the holidays. Hopefully. 
  • Another blueprint issue, trim. Our Olsen Model comes with a nice trim package and we also upgraded to Level 4 Trim. However, our house is missing the upstairs foyer/hallway trim as well as the picture frame molding/wainscoting in the dining room. There was also debate as to whether or not our formal area openings should be cased. After meeting with the supervisor last week, he has ordered upstairs trim and wainscoting to be installed after the holidays. This means a day of installation and painting.  
So... as you can see, it's been an interesting 90 days. Did I mentioned I'm pregnant with our first baby and due in March? ugh! My husband is also working 80+ hour weeks at the hospital, so neither one of us really has the time or energy to fight this. A major reason we decided to build a new home was to get exactly what we wanted without a bunch of issues to fix after closing. That has definitely not been the case. Here's to hoping that everything will be finished in the next 30 days now that the supervisor is involved.

Monday, November 16, 2015

One Month Updates

We've been in our new home about a month now, and can I just say it is so good to be home?! I do wish we were a little further along, but we're doing the best we can with my husband's crazy work hours. I said I hoped to be fully unpacked by Christmas, and it looks like we're still on track for that.

Our main level is almost finished. We're still picking out paint colors, so we haven't hung up any art yet, but the furniture is coming together. This is our floor plan in the Ryan Homes Olsen model.

My office is still a work in progress, but it's super close. I'm waiting on a backordered curtain rod and still need to find a bigger area rug. Our family room is also in progress. Our TV is way too small for the space, so we're shopping for a new one. Once we settle on a size, we're going to build a TV stand and matching end tables for it. We did get our new couch in and it looks great though.

Here's our morning room. It's been so dreary and overcast here in Ohio, so this is as good as the natural light gets. ;) I'm still trying to figure out what to do for window treatments. We've hung curtains everywhere else, so I want to keep this area light and airy. We're debating between some kind of cornice board or trim all the way around the windows.

Before moving in, I thought the ceiling light would be my favorite part of the room. It's a Pottery Barn Capiz Flower Pendant. I grabbed this one and two matching flush mounts months ago in anticipation of our move. I do love the way it looks, but it's the chairs that have won me over.

I had bought the West Elm table earlier this year at the Pottery Barn outlet and just needed chairs for it. After three tries, I found these Ashley Furniture Mestler chairs in antique green from Wayfair. They are the perfect mix or blue and green; we actually had a sunny day when we put them together to grab this picture. They play so well against my Ravella Water Ornamental Leaf Border rug, also from Wayfair.

I also worked on our dining room, finally getting the curtains hung up. I really want to replace the light fixture in here and that wall is screaming for art, but I'm happy with the progress. It's the Banks table from Pottery Barn paired with dining chairs from Target. Yes, target! The rug is from Home Goods.

The dining room flows through to the living room, so the entry way is nice and open. Again, screaming for paint and wall art.

Our living room chairs are also from Target. I picked up the funky gray shelf and side table from Home Goods. The sheers are Wayfair.

Finally, we replaced our foyer light. We lovingly referred to the builder option as 'the bullet' and are happy to have it gone.

We replaced it with a Birch Lane Tuscany Chandelier from {you guessed it} Wayfair.

As far as Ryan Homes, we're still working on our list of repairs after closing. Contractors have been here for two days so far, and it looks like it will take 1-2 more to get everything finished. I'll go over our list and 30 day inspection results once everything is final.

Here's to hoping in another two weeks we'll have our master bedroom, guest room, and family room finished!

Monday, October 26, 2015

It Feels Like Fall

We've been in our new home for two weeks now. It's definitely starting to come together. Our basement is full of boxes, but most of the living areas are unpacked. I've ordered lots of new furniture and am anxious for that to arrive in the next few weeks.

I've been working on trying to finish one room at a time. First up, our formal dining area. We didn't go too formal though. It's just not my style. =) I have curtains, but the curtain rods are taking forever to arrive so we went ahead and put the rest of the room together first.

Table- Pottery Barn Banks Table
Chairs- Target {yes!}
Rug- Home Goods
Cylinders- Ikea
Glass Pumpkins- we made these during a glass-blowing class for my birthday a couple years ago

I also want to paint the room a bit darker (gray/beige) and do some kind of wall treatment below the chair rail. I can't decide between wainscoting and textured wall paper. I know, I know. Wallpaper. But I found a fun pin on Pinterest and like the look. I want to upgrade the builder-grade light fixture too, but haven't found the perfect one yet.

The rest of the kitchen isn't finished yet, but I did a little bit of fall decorating. Love my seasonal blocks from Etsy and my Scentsy warmer.

Finally, I started to decorate our front porch. Notice my furbabies in the sidelights, they never get tired of being able to look out. The backyard is really starting to show color in the leaves too. Love this time of year!

Overall, it still feels really good to be home. Happy fall y'all!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

It's Ours! Ryan Homes Olsen Model Pictures

We made it! It came down to the wire, but we closed just an hour behind schedule. Hooray!

My husband had the truck loaded on Thursday night, drove it to closing on Friday, and had us moving in right after. It's been an exhausting two days. Ryan has to go back to work Monday, so the plan is to get all furniture and boxes to the correct rooms this weekend so I can unpack this week. I hate that I haven't been much help-- no heavy lifting while pregnant. Darn. ;)

We have a small list of issues leftover from our final inspection. For example, the house wasn't cleaned so the brand new carpet is covered in muddy shoe prints that we were told would be taken care of in the final clean before closing. A few windows still have exterior paint on them too. I think the biggest bummer is that the master bathtub that we upgraded is scratched. Our project manager said it would clean up before closing, but again it didn't. The house just needed a really good once-over that didn't seem to happen.

Then there are just a few other things we've noticed in our first 24 hours-- a few windows are ajar and don't open/close properly, our keys don't work in the front deadbolt, and the back door lock doesn't align properly at all. Guardian also has a couple issues to fix. I'm sure it will all get worked out though. 

I'll share more pictures as we start to make it our own, but here are some professional pictures for now. It's the first time the Olsen Model has been built around here, so Dwelling Moments took these for our builder.


powder room

kitchen, morning room, family room

entry way and formal areas


basement bathroom

basement bathroom


front bedroom 1

guest bath

guest bath

bonus room

bonus room

bonus room landing

guest bedroom

upstairs hallway


hall bath

view of entry from upstairs

my side of master bath

master from bathroom