Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Ipsy Review and Giveaway: Girl Meets Glitter

First of all, I am not a girlie girl. I love bags and jewelry and shoes. I enjoy shopping for clothes and my Stitch Fix is fun, but when it comes to makeup? Not so much. My monthly Xtreme Lash appointments are about as fancy as I get.

But when I heard about Ipsy for $10 a month, I figured I had nothing to lose. I may have also been drawn in by the cute little zipper bag they come in each month. Just sayin' ;) November's theme was "Girl Meets Glitter" and this is a sample of some of the different products that you might get. Each bag is customized based on your survey results, so everyone doesn't receive exactly the same thing.

So having no expectations, here's the lowdown on my first haul. First, everything I actually received for the $10 fee.

First up, Marc Anthony hairspray. I don't typically use hair spray because my curls do well with just gel, but I gave it a shot. The smell is a 10 out of 10. It seriously could be perfume. I thought it might have been strong enough to hold some extra volume in my roots, but it wasn't. It weighed my curls down. 

I also received Bye, Bye Under Eye by IT Cosmetics. I don't typically wear under eye products {knock on wood for me}, but I did give this a try. It went on super smooth, blended well to match my skin tone, and held up to it's promise not to crack or crease throughout the day. I actually liked it enough that I've ordered their foundation, so I'll review that when it comes in too. It was pricey, but looked so great on their website I had to give it a try. Plus, you get coupon codes through Ipsy so I grabbed it at a discount.

Next I put on, Be a Bombshell Cosmetics Eye Base. I received the color Submissive {ha!}. I loved the color at first sight. I tend to wear bronzes and lighter tones. I've tried Julep's eye base before and it felt sticky on my eyelids as the day went on. I was afraid this would have similar results, but I was actually really pleased. You can layer it up or use it as a base under other eyeshadow. The texture was great. Overall, I'd say I just liked it though and am not running out to buy it.

Moving on to the lip paint by J. Cat Beauty in Red Potion. I tend to wear a pink/mauve/neutral lip stain or gloss, so I was interested to try the paint. My first thought was it was kind of dark, but I've seen burgundy lipstick with purple tones trending on Pinterest so I gave it a try. As soon as I put it on my lips, it was SO BRIGHT. Seriously, y'all. I don't even know how it looks like this in the tube, haha. I had to blot it down because it was magenta (click to see it). It also didn't wear as long as my regular lip stain.

Finally, my last piece was Pink Pearl highlighter by TEMPTU. I subscribed to Ipsy because I haven't played with a variety of makeup and wanted to give different things a try. I thought this was a perfect example. I'd seen tutorials using highlighter, but never tried it myself. This one was the perfect mix of shimmer without being glittery. I swiped some below my brows to highlight my eye area and was super pleased with the look and wear throughout the day. I'd definitely buy it. 

So how did it all look? Here's a picture as soon as I finished getting ready. The hair spray definitely wasn't great on my roots. It was heavy and trying to "fluff" it just cased frizz. This is the lip paint after I blotted it down and used my CoverGirl moisturizing top coat.

Here is the makeup again several hours later before lunch. The lip stain was still hanging in, but definitely starting to fade. My roots had fallen even more from the hairspray too.

Finally, here is the look later on in the evening on the way home. The highlighter hung in there all day around my eyebrows, the eye base never got sticky or creased, and the under eye cream never showed wear at all.

Final verdict:

  • Marc Anthony Hairspray: great, just not for my hair
  • IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye: love, excited to try the foundation when it comes in
  • Be a Bombshell Cosmetic Eye Base: nice, but could take it or leave it
  • J. Cat Beauty Lip Paint: No thanks, I prefer my current CoverGirl lip stain
  • TEMPTU Highlighter: Love, will definitely continue to use it

I would highly recommend giving Ipsy a try. It's such a cheap subscription box and you can try out a variety of products each month. Your survey results before and after your bags will make each month better and better!

To continue my favorite things giveaway theme, I'm giving you a chance to try my favorite brand from this month's bag with a $25 gift card to Amazon's It Cosmetics section. Good luck!
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  1. I just bought Kenra Blow Dry Mist. It makes my hair smell so good and it dries my hair so much faster!! :)

    1. Nice! I hate the dry time, will have to check it out.

  2. Cheeks and Balances is my current favorite cleanser. It is from Origins. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Sephora's 10HR Fix & Correct Concealer - it actually covers my under-eye circles!! :)

  4. Does jamberry count as a "beauty product"?? I am obsessed with having cute nails lately :) I'm not big into makeup, but I do love bare minerals pressed powder!

  5. I am in a beauty product rut right now, so I just ordered a bunch of new eyeshadows from Stila in a quest to break out of it!

    1. I love playing with new eye shadow. Easy to apply = my kind of product!

  6. I love my automatic curl machine.

  7. With a newborn and being sleep deprived... Under eye concealer is my best friend to look rested :)

  8. I would love Marc Anthony hairspray!!!! I am always looking for more volume for my "boring" hair!! LOL