Sunday, November 23, 2014

If you give Christi a pair of boots...

Things in my life have a tendency to spiral. I blame it on my perfectionist side and it happens so quickly, sometimes I don't even realize it until I'm already down the rabbit hole. I compare it to the picture book series, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. For example, last Christmas, we bought a new chair for my office. Then I needed all new furniture. And a new color scheme. And art. "Good enough" is rarely actually good enough when it comes to me.

The same thing happened this weekend. I finally gave in to the tall boot craze that's sweeping Pinterest. I did my research and settled on a bourbon color that would pair well with both black and brown. Bonus points because they were on clearance at Nordstrom. If I'm going to take a risk, I tend to take a discounted one. Case in point: the ridiculously expensive Frye cowboy boots I bought this summer that are still in the box with tags. Don't worry, I wore them for 30 seconds when I tried them on. ;)

Anyway, my new boots arrived and I savored the unboxing. I have a bit of an online shopping problem, obviously. I like to savor them before jumping right in. Would they fit? Would they be too tall? Could I actually pull it off? Finally I gave in, ran upstairs, and hid in my closet to try them on. Perfection! Skirts, dresses, black tights, oh my! It was love. 

But then the spiraling happened. I needed tights in a multitude of colors. In comes and I now own more tights than there are days of the week. Hooray! 

After that, Pinterest pointed me to boots with jeans-- so cute! Problem: I don't own a single pair of skinny jeans. My legs are not that skinny and I am definitely not that trendy. I tried all of the tricks in the book to tuck and fold and imprison my flare jeans into those boots. I was left with nothing but a pair of bunchy knees. Not cute.

So Saturday brought a trip to the mall, determined to find a pair of skinny jeans that were actually not that skinny. Jeggings are not happening over here, people. After trying on several styles, it was Old Navy Flirty to the rescue. And the miracle of all miracles, I will actually wear these with my Tieks too. I'm going to rock a skinny jean, friends. What?!

Of course, I also had to buy a dozen other pieces because if I'm going to Old Navy, I'm coming out with an armful to mix and match. I've been all about the lace lately {see my Stitch Fix post and enter to win!} so I grabbed this top

I also grabbed a sheer polka dot top. I'm eager to wear this one over skirts, dresses, and leggings since it's a high-low.

But my favorite is probably this simple black and white skirt. I have tons of these for summer, but this one is thicker and more woven. 

I got to test out some of my new pieces at the Jamberry regionals leadership reception on Friday night. I went with a funky "shine bright" metallic shirt under a cardigan I already had. I was worried about breaking in the boots, but they were actually really comfortable, no complaints at all!

Who would have known one new pair of boots would have led to all that? ;)

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