Sunday, May 6, 2018

KidBox Coupon Code $25 Off Summer Clothes

Spring has just now started here in Ohio, but it's already time for Carter's summer KidBox!

If you aren't familiar with KidBox, think Stitch Fix for kids but NO styling fees. If you don't like it and want to send it back, it costs you nothing. If you need to exchange sizes, that's free too.

You get the best deal when you keep the whole box. PLUS they donate a box to charity for each box you keep. You can select from several different charities at checkout.

Plus it's FUN. I love the surprise each month as Carter opens his box. He loves dumping everything out. ;) 
 Here's a look inside our Summer "city cool" style.

And of course-- the prices are great! We kept the entire box, so it's $68.60 for all 7 pieces. That's less than $10 per piece. I especially love it for unique pieces that aren't in stores around here.

If you'd like to try KidBox for your little ones, it's totally free! You only pay for anything you decide to keep, with $0 styling or ship fees. If you use my referral link, you'll also get $25 off your first $98 box.

Other details if you're considering signing up: 

  • Kid sizes through 14 typically receive 6-7 pieces on average per box. 
  • You get 5 boxes a year (back to school, fall, holiday, spring, summer). If you want additional boxes, you can do that too! 
  • Similar to Stitch Fix, you complete a style profile with your personal likes/dislikes in terms of style, fit, colors, etc. You can update this for every box to freshen it up. For example, this time I checked no denim or button down shirts because we already have enough of those for summer.
  • Cancel at anytime, or send the whole box back if you want. There isn't a styling fee. 
  • You have 7 days to try everything on at home and then send what you don't want back in a prepaid envelope. 
  • You aren't charged until you decide what to keep. I love the feature! 
  • When you keep the whole box, you can select a charity to donate clothing to directly from KidBox.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sesame Street Second Birthday Party

We celebrated Carter's birthday this weekend with a Sesame Street themed party. It was a toss up between Thomas the Train and Sesame Street, so we took Carter to Party City and let him decide. Cookie Monster won!

I made the invites myself after Carter decided to ham it up for our little photo shoot. For the envelope seals, I just uploaded a picture of Cookie Monster to Vista Print. Super simple!
Sesame Street birthday invitations

Then I decided to do a little more DIY to make this snack bar that doubled as our party favors. The clear containers are from Party City and the garland was a Target find.
Sesame Street candy bar favors

I made a quick sign to throw in a simple frame.
Sesame Street candy bar favors

Then I made round sticker labels and printed them at home using these labels from Amazon.
Sesame Street candy bar favors

They were a perfect fit on these cupcake boxes from Party City.
Sesame Street candy bar favors

l bought the other snacks in bulk, but made the "fairy dust popcorn" for Abby Cadabby. It's super simple-- plain popcorn tossed in melted white chocolate and sprinkles. After you cook the popcorn, just toss it in a galloon ziploc bag and shake it up with the toppings. Carter enjoyed helping with this part.
Sesame Street candy bar favors fairy dust popcorn

l love how the printables for the candy bar coordinated.
Sesame Street candy bar favors

We had food catered, but I made rubber ducky punch for Ernie. Blue Raspberry Lemonade is the perfect color for this and I grabbed these little ducks off Amazon.
Sesame Street ernie rubber ducky punch

l kept the other party decor in the kitchen pretty simple. I blew up some balloons and then hung these cute little Sesame Street party swirls around (from Amazon, of course).
Sesame Street birthday party decor 2nd birthday

The matching Sesame Street banner was a great size for the cabinets. It comes with numbers so you can personalize it for the correct birthday. 
Sesame Street birthday party decor 2nd birthday

Carter opened his presents in our front room, so that's where I had the candy bar set up. 
Sesame Street birthday party decor 2nd birthday

Of course I had to grab these adorable little character puffs for Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Elmo. I just tied on extra little party swirls below them.
Sesame Street birthday party decor 2nd birthday

Then I've saved my personal favorite for last... our Sesame Street photo booth! Carter loved it! He tried to feed the characters some of the snacks from his candy bar. Always thinking of others and sharing! =)
Sesame Street birthday party decor 2nd birthday photo booth
Sesame Street birthday party decor 2nd birthday photo booth

I think I have all of my sources linked, it was definitely an Amazon Prime celebration! One of his favorite new toys was Abby Cadabby to complete his character collection. We got her on Amazon too, ha!

If you want to see some of his other current favorites for toys, books, or games you can head over to Carter's Amazon page, which I try to keep updated with currents on top. We get a small percentage back if you decide to purchase any of these, but they are 100% our actual favorites that have been used and loved.
And now we're off racing toward THREE!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Splash into Spring Style

After sharing about KidBox last week, I have another favorite Friday find for you... StyleBox! There's just something about a subscription box that gets me every time. Maybe it's the guaranteed "happy mail" in the box month after month. Maybe it's that there is NO commitment so I can skip or cancel at any time. Maybe it's the discount, I am a sucker for a deal after all. But whatever it is, StyleBox shows up at my house the first week of every month and I l-o-v-e it!

If you aren't familiar with StyleBox, it's a beauty box packed with your personalized mix of nail wraps, lacquer, gel, and/or skin care. The best part is that YOU can customize your box exactly how you want it. And starting at just $25, it doesn't break the bank.
April StyleBox with beach inspired nail art

Each month you select at least 2 of the 6 monthly styles. Here's a closer look at the April ones.

After adding two of those to your box, you can also add on other extras (or not!). For example, you can mix and match your selected styles with some coordinating gel or lacquer. I personally think this month's would look great with hot pink, like Flamingo gel or Kiss lacquer.

Then since we're thinking sandal weather, why not top off your box with a rich peppermint foot creme. It's okay to be a little indulgent, right??
So much good stuff, free shipping on all of it, and a brand new set of options each month? This one easily makes my Favorite Friday list month after month! If you decide you need to get StyleBox on your favorites list too, you can subscribe on my website here. Be sure to let me know if you're a first time subscriber, I'd love to send you a welcome gift after your first box ships!