Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lucky #7

Month 7, you have been one of my favorites! My smiley, happy little boy is bursting with personality, which makes the days so fun {and sometimes very, very long}.

He's also bursting out of his clothes. We've officially graduated into our 9-12 month sizes as of this morning.

This 6-9 outfit was the deciding vote. He was a little stuffed sausage in there, and even he knew it. ;)

Carter man loves, loves, loves to eat. I let him feed himself as much as possible, so it's usually a messy experience. Yogurt seems to be the current favorite.

Carter is also increasingly on the move. He started with an impressive plank and has just now started rocking on all fours. I'd say our non-crawling days are numbered. For now, he's a pro at rolling and scooting. Standing is his thing, and if he gets a little boost at all he's pulling up.

He continues to be my constant buddy. Shopping is one chore that he happily helps with. He loves riding around in his stroller!

Bathtime is another favorite. He splashes like crazy! He's also rolling around like crazy in there, so of course I had to snap a quick picture before turning him back over.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what Carter will grow up to be. I pray that he's kind, and smart, and brave enough to be his own little person. Probably not a teacher like mommy or a doctor like a daddy. Just last week, he was testing out his mechanic skills.

Whatever he decides, he is so loved!

What's new this month:
-He's taken "on the move" to a whole new level and covers the entire floor by rolling or army crawling.
-He's solidly into 9-12 month clothes.
-He went to the pumpkin patch 3 times.
-He spent a week with Poppy and Mamaw while hubby and I were on vacation/work trip for Jamberry.
-He's up to 35 foods, hates curry, and feeds himself well. He's a puff-eating pro.
-He interacts so much more. Whether it's people in the store, a new toy he's trying to figure out, or just chatting up the dogs... social, social, social!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Halfway to o-n-e

Well, here we are. Carter is SIX months old. What?! You have so much personality.

I knew the day would come when you wouldn't want to sit for your monthly pictures. That day has come. You are determined to stand all the time!

We did get some cute ones though. You are so big!

This month has been full of firsts. You went to your first bonfire and were mesmerized!

You also popped your first tooth and are quickly working on the second.

Much to my delight, you also threw your first temper tantrum when I wouldn't let you eat the packaging from your new bottles.

You also went to the zoo for the first time. You loved the funny flamingos and jumped when the elephants trumpeted, but didn't cry. 

You love to stand all the time, refuse to sit, and will be cruising far too soon.

You still enjoy reading, but insist on turning the pages yourself.

And you love, love, love to eat. You handle the spoon yourself, but fingers are your favorite.

You continue to be my joyful, curious little man.

And my favorite? You said "Mamaw" for the first time. You actually started on Daddy's birthday, but I waited to tell him until the day after. ;) Love you, sweet boy!

What's new this month:
-He is rolling and scooting all over the place, both directions
-He said "mama" for the first time, even though he isn't sure what it means yet. It's still cute!
-He is determined to stand all day long, so we retired his baby swing
-He has tried 20 fruits, veggies, and grains
-He is pushing 20 pounds and threatening to outgrow his fall clothes before he's ever worn them all

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

5 Months.

I am in complete disbelief. Carter is 5 months old, which is dangerously close to SIX months old. And six months is halfway to the big o-n-e. Somebody get this baby man of mine to slow down.

He's becoming more and more interested in our dogs. If he's playing on the floor and one of the girls comes close enough, he ends up with a handful of their fur. It's so sweet! The feelings are definitely mutual. ;)

Carter is also enjoying lots of quality time with Daddy. If Ryan isn't working on the weekend, they usually hang out together on Saturday mornings so I can sleep in.

Carter is busy, busy, busy! He loves his bouncer and will "yell" at me from across the room to get me to pay attention to him if I'm working. He also really loves his sit me up seat when it's full of toys.

He also got to try out a couple firsts this month-- it was his first ride in his convertible carseat and his first ride in Mommy's convertible. We only put the top down in the neighborhood, but he enjoyed looking around. 

Carter continues to be a chatterbox. He loves squealing, screaming, and singing. He also loves to eat now that we're exploring some solids. Sometimes he sings and eats at the same time, as you can see here. The days definitely aren't boring.

He does have his quiet moments sometimes. He loves looking at books and turning the pages!

We continue to be so happy for our smiley, happy boy!

What's new this month:
-He loves playing with his feet, but is still a big fan of his fingers too.
-He rolls over from back to belly all the time, but is still working on belly to back. This means he gets stuck often. It's hilarious.
-He loves sitting up with support.
-He has moved up to 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.
-He's a solid eating champion and especially loves pears.
-He went to his first birthday party when my nephew turned 4.
-He met his extended family on my side for the first time.